Youth Ministry Weekly Update


Sunday February 23rd: Youth Service

Sunday March 8th & March 22nd: Youth Service


Feb 24, 2019



I was truly inspired by our Youth this week at Ethel’s Celebration of Life Service.  The display of authentic compassion and caring was moving.  The children created photo jars and presented Ethel’s family with 5 illuminated memorials.  Each jar contained a picture of our Beloved Ethel along with inspiring words and a battery candle.  The gifts were beautiful but not nearly as beautiful as the hearts of our Youth.  Ethel was an avid supporter of our Youth Ministry Service and we know that she was right there with us as the children honored her with love and light. They truly are the greatest teachers.  Special thanks to each child who participated in the service.

We have several projects in the works.  An ongoing “warm our neighbors” blanket project will continue over the next few months with several blankets already in the making.  Each blanket will be delivered to a homeless shelter in the area to be distributed out into our community.  One Saturday 3/16/19 from 11am – 2pm, the Youth will be accepting donations of baked goods for our Bake Sale on Sunday 3/17/19.  They will be packaging and preparing the items with a “touch of the Irish” cello bags, ribbons and festive wrapping.  Please deliver all the donated baked goods for the sale on Saturday 3/16/19.  See Samantha with any questions.  Namaste'


The Youth Ministry Group has started their first of many community outreach projects.  This Sunday we began creating the no-sew blankets that will be donated to local homeless shelters and YMCA's.  Each blanket will be lovingly made by the Youth using fleece fabric and a whole lot of love.  This project marks the beginning of a year of outreach events organized by the Youth.  We will be assembling and handing out brown bag lunches in the Spring and the summer outreach project will be extending our help at a local assisted living facility.  To fund these projects and field trips for the Youth, we are holding a bake sale on March 17th after service.  In April, we will be hosting an Easter Candy sale and the list goes on.  Please contact Samantha with any questions or if you would like to donate any materials for the blanket project or baked goods for the bake sale.  

Many Blessings from our Youth Ministry


Jan. 13, 2019

Happy New Year from our expanding Youth Ministry group!  This year is off to a wonder-filled start.  With a wide range of youth in our group, we are experimenting and co-creating an interactive program using art, sacred text and the principles of Unity.  As we begin this New Year, it is important that the Youth Ministry service includes the input from each young leader so we have starteddeveloping the community outreach projects as well as fundraising ideas together.  They are so excited.  This week we decided that we will be assembling and distributing brown bag lunches to the homeless in the area followed up with a blanket drive for the homeless also.  The children thought of these ideas when asked "How can we be a light in our world?".  Please watch the upcoming announcements and newsletters for ways that you can help us help our community.

We also started a new project in our Youth Ministry area.  We have not named our table yet however it is well on it's way to being ours.  This table will be covered in pictures, art and affirmations by the Youth.  We will be covering the entire surface of the table and sealing it will mod podge and a clear, child safe finish.  This is a fun project for children of all ages so stop in and lay down a picture or two. 

All are welcome as we say "come sit at the table".  

With Love, Samantha and the Youth Ministry Group

Dec. 16, 2018

The Holiday Helpers were busy decorating and preparing for our time of fellowship this week as the Youth Ministry embodied the meaning of Sacred Service with JOY.  After lighting our advent candles and talking a bit about what brings each of them joy, we ventured out into the fellowship hall with garland in hand.  Although the time was minimal, the splendor of the season can be seen through each ornament perfectly placed.  The smiles during this time together illuminated the true meaning of Christmas.  Quickly the focus turned from decorating to delicious treats as we set up for hospitality and the sharing of snacks.  We discussed service with a smile as each helper worked diligently to set up a beautiful display of goodies.  And of course after it was all said and done, the clean up began and was completed with the same smiles and laughter.  Joyful sacred service was demonstrated by our growing Youth Ministry.  Happy Holidays to ALL

Much Joy & Appreciation,

Samantha Dennison & the Holiday Helpers!



 Dec. 9, 2018


As our Youth Ministry Service evolves, we are so excited to be exploring the Christmas Holiday's through the eyes of young metaphysicians.  On this 2nd Sunday of Advent, we embodied PEACE and discussed what peace means to each young person in attendance.  The answers were heart-warming and eye-opening.  From the imagination of a 5yr old, peace lives in his belly.  And from others we heard that peace means "family" and "talking to loved ones that live in a different area of our country" as well as "hanging out with mom".  We also looked at the some symbols of peace such as the well known peace dove and the agreed to be peace during the week with the exchange of the peace "sign" instead of a hand shake.   And to round out the discussion, we made "PEACE BOTTLES".  We filled plastic water bottles with water, food coloring, lot's of glitter along with beads, foam shapes and baby oil.  Each PEACE BOTTLE was as unique as the artist creating it.  These went home with the children so that when they feel anxious or excited, they can practice the mindful breathing excercise shared by Ms. Karen and gaze at the snow globe affect created in the PEACE BOTTLES. 

As adults, scurrying around during this sometimes chaotic times can remember to be still and be peace.  And please stop to see the beautiful decorations adorning the Youth Ministry space.  Each one placed peacefully and perfectly by the children.   

Happy Holidays from the Youth Ministry of Unity in the Foothills.



Sept. 15, 2018

As the newly revived Youth Ministry Service get's underway, I am committed to updating everyone about the beautiful unfolding of this spiritual enrichment program    This week, Sunday 9/15/18, we had a fantastic group featuring a wide range of ages.  From 5 yrs to 13 yrs, everyone was engaged and having fun.  We had a special visitor bring in the game "Stone Soup" and the youth worked graciously as a team to create a delicious “bowl” of soup.  Everyone was equally engaged.  The game time highlighted the oneness that is shared even at such young ages.

The lesson of the week featured a story about David, The Shepard and exemplified the ways that we too can care for those we love.  Whether a pet or a parent, each young person related being a shepard to their daily journey.  The affirmation that we all learned sums up the lesson.  "God is love and love is who I am."  We talked about feeding our pets, cooking for our parents and playing with our best friends.  Everyone was engaged and involved in discussing the ways that we can show up as love in our world.

Next week we will be focusing upon God as the creative energy within and as all things.  We have a fun project planned to create a God Can for the adults to use during their service times.  We will also begin creating a mission/vision statement for our group.


Please remember that this program needs loving, enthusiastic volunteers in order to remain active.  Think about volunteering one Sunday per month and contact Samantha with any questions or to begin completing the forms necessary to begin helping with the Youth Ministry Service.  Many Blessings, Samantha




We are pleased to announce that our Youth Ministry Program will begin on September 9, 2018 at 11am.  To rev up the excitement, to get to know each other as well as to begin developing a team of concious young leaders and loving volunteers, Unity in the Foothills will be hosting an OPEN HOUSE!  Bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your affirmative thoughts as the new Youth Ministry evolves.  There will be games for the children, art projects as well as an opportunity to pick up the Youth Welcome Packet.  Join us for our Annual picnic and enjoy fresh salads, hot dogs, hamburgers and many more goodies.  Hope to see you all there!

Seminarian Samantha Dennison has gratefully accepted the role as Youth Ministry Director.  Samantha is dedicated to nourishing our young people on their spiritual path.  She has been an active member of Unity in the Foothills for approx. 7 years and has served in various capacities on the Board of Trustee's, fundraising chair person and more.  Currently enrolled in the Ministerial Program through United Metaphysical Churches in Roanoke VA, she is also actively pursuing Unity course-work.

With 4 grandchildren of her own, all being raised up in the love & light of Unity Principles, Samantha is committed to supporting our co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore's vision:

"[Our] mission ... is not to entertain the children but to call them out.... To be 'called out' is to follow the harmonious law of the soul's unfoldment."


   —Myrtle Fillmore




At Unity in the Foothills, youth of all ages begin service as part of our larger community and then participate in a comprehensive Youth Service. We utilize “The Living Curriculum” which is a process of spiritual support used to assist children, teens, families, and the church community in co-creating successful living. It honors the inherent wholeness and wisdom within each one of us, and utilizes storytelling and experiential creative expression to “draw out” the Truth we already know. The process helps us to explore spiritual principles and to become aware of how the principles operate in our lives.


Five Basic Unity Principles (for children and teens)

  • God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.

  • I am naturally good because God's Divinity is in me and in everyone.

  • I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.

  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.

  • I do and give my best by living the Truth that I know. I make a difference!