Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Reverend Carolyn Swift Jones


January 17, 2021

Dear Light Keepers, 
This is Rev. Scott Morgan, filling in for Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones this week. As we gather in the silent and deep, let us first pay a visit to our beloved Rev. Carolyn and shower her with healing as she gets acquainted with her brand new hip!
Once she is fully blessed, let us focus on the winter season itself. Notice how it helps us see things more clearly. 
As much as we might anticipate the spring and summer, there are a lot of leaves, flowers, birds, activity, and noise. Winter gives us the blessing of bare trees, where we can see not just the landscape a little better, but the tree itself. The true form of its trunk, its branches, its essence. We have been in a year, and in a monumental week of bare trees, where we see things closer to their real truth - where it is more beneficial to see the good, the bad, and the ugly, than to miss the signs of unrest.
Let us spend this time together seeing the essence of our country, the essence of our Light work, and most importantly, the essence of ourselves without the trappings of the external.
May you each find a deeper truth amidst the bare trees.


Many blessings,
Reverend Scott Morgan

January 10, 2021

Listen to this music while reading meditation

Dearest Light Keepers,
It has been a hard week, to say the least. And yet, the Light We Are continues to grow. Our meditation will be a simple one: to go to the Capital Building and See Light where Darkness seems to be. To do this authentically, Spirit advises that we first breathe together in tandem with the (royalty free) music above. Let's listen and breathe together, knowing that our Hearts are beating in rhythm with our True Nature of Everlasting Peace. 
Bless you, dearest Light Keepers. Our New Dawn has arrived. 
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

January 3, 2021

Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the New Name Written, and because you are, the world is ready to be free! 
As we move into the Deep of our Everlasting Knowing, Spirit asks us a question: " What is your name?" We are then invited to think of all the names we have ever had. In addition to our name given at birth, we may have had professional names or married names. We might have changed our names for reasons having nothing to do with our profession or marital status. And then there are the names that we might have given ourselves, such as: husband, wife, father, mother, daughter, son, grandparent, minister, democrat, lover, doctor, beautiful, republican, wounded, judge, ugly, healer, cheater, nurse, liar, faithful, caregiver, gay, builder, doormat, straight, explorer, poet, light bringer, trans, thief, artist, politician, athlete, divorced, martyr, scientist, seeker, broken, thinker, strong, sick, traveller, designer, poor, worker, disenfranchised, wealthy, fed up, guide, or pilgrim. Spirit invites us to let all of our names float to the surface of our being so that we can gently consider them all.
When we are satisfied that we have considered all of the many names we have been given by ourselves or by others, Spirit asks, "But what is your Real Name?" And then, Spirit asks us to imagine that we are holding a clean white stone in our hands. We are invited to sit quietly with our white stone in our hands and listen for our Real Name.
Spirit suggests that a useful way to begin the listening process is by silently saying the words "I AM" over and over. Eventually, we will hear what we are. For instance, we might hear " I am Light", or, "I am Brave". Whatever we hear will be perfect. 
Once we are satisfied that we have heard our full "I AM", Spirit encourages us to imagine that we are writing our Name on our clean white stone. This is now our New Name Written, and it serves as a reminder that we are so much more than what we - or others- have thought ourselves to be. 
Bless you, dear Souls! Your New Name Written is the opening which sets the world free! We are no longer chained and bound to our past! We are a New Name, and the sound, light, and vibration of our New Name releases us to Be Our True Nature. And thus, a new world has begun. 
Much Love,
Brave Light 
(Reverend Carolyn)

December 27, 2020

Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the Comforting Presence of Unity, and your Heart is a soft blanket for the world.
As we move into our Silent and Deep, Spirit invites us to consider this past year, allowing all of the memories of 2020 to drift gently through our consciousness. We are encouraged to observe as every memory becomes a beautiful thread, which we will soon use. 
When we have gathered our beautiful threads from this past year, Spirit will bear loving witness as we begin to weave a new blanket from our Heart's gathering.
As we weave, we will have the thrill of knowing that countless numbers of Light Workers are weaving with us, gathering each and every thread from 2020, and pulling them all together in One Glorious Blanket of Comfort.
As One Heart, One Mind, and One Presence,  we are now ready to offer our New Blanket of Comfort to the world.
Bless you, Dear Souls! Your willingness to use the very best of this past year is the Comfort the world is asking for. Let the Comforting Begin!
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

December 20, 2020

Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the Joy that lifts up the Universe!
As we move into our Unchanging Reality, Spirit invites us to imagine that we have two planets within us, and if we like, we can call them Jupiter and Saturn. 
Spirit invites us to first consider our Inner Saturn. As we land gently on this planet, we will notice a field in which everything we have planted so far has come to fruition. Spirit invites to walk through our field with non judgmental witnessing, as there may be some things we have planted that will bring us joy, and some things that may not. As we bear loving and non judgemental witness for everything we have planted, Spirit invites us to ask each and every growing energy, the good, the not so good, and the inbetween, "What is your joyful dream?" 
Next, we are invited to consider our inner Jupiter. As we land gently on its massive surface, we will see another field. As we bring ourselves closer to this field, Spirit invites us to notice how everything we have planted on Saturn now is growing into its Highest and most Joyful expression on Jupiter. Here we will see the Highest Dream for all we have planted so far. As we gaze in wonder at the Heavenly Potential of all we have planted, Spirit invites us to ask each and every energy, "What can I do to make this Joyful dream my reality?"
Spirit holds us all closely and whispers, "Yes! You know what to do! Bring your two inner planets together, and let's see what happens." 
Joy! Spirit invites us to bear rapturous witness to what happens within us when we allow all that we have been so far to become all that we can be! We are the Joy of the Universe, and we are lifting the very fabric of Light to Its next level! Happy, Merry, and All Things Bright!
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

December 13, 2020

Dearest Light Bringers,
Bless you! You are the Unifying Field, and you are binding all together in Perfect Love! 
As we move into the True and the Deep, Spirit invites us to think of two people that we may consider to be opposites.
Next, we are asked to bring our two opposite beings inward to a Field of Love. This Field can be accessed simply by moving our focus from our thinking mind to our feeling heart. There is a door in the heart that will open easily when we knock gently.
Once we have opened the door of our hearts and are standing in the Field of Love with our two friends who appear to be opposites, Spirit invites us to bear witness as these two gaze at each other. 
If we want to know what these two are seeing in each other, we will need to shift our point of view and look through both sets of eyes. One set of eyes will see clouds and darkness. The other will see light and sky.
But we are here to see the whole picture. And so, Spirit invites us to hold hands with each of our opposites and show them what we see. 
Many Thanks, Light Bringers. Your ability to see beyond opposites is the Love that binds us as One.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

December 6, 2020

Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the very Audacity of Peace, and you because you are, Peace continues to heal us.
As we shift our consciousness into the Truth of our Being, Spirit engages us with a question: "Are you ready to be audaciously peaceful and heal the world?" 
Before we make our answer, Spirit asks us to focus on a battleground which we may have decided cannot ever be peaceful because the wounding on both sides is too deep. Whatever image comes to mind will be perfect. 
Once we have found our battleground, Spirit invites us to imagine that we are clothed in the Bright Light of Peace so that we may intervene and tend to the wounded on the battleground on both sides.    
Once we are clothed in Our True Nature, Spirit invites us to energetically and audaciously walk right into the very heat of the battle and begin our healing work. As we work, we might notice slings and arrows, bombs and mortar, gunshots and nerve gas all around us. Spirit reminds us that this kind of peaceful healing is audacious. It takes courage. It takes chutzpah. It is not for the faint of heart. It takes all of the Love and the Light we are.
Finally, Spirit invites us to notice how many other audacious Peace Healers are with us. They are called by other names, but their Presence says it all. They are the embodiment of Peace. They are here to heal. They are audacious. 
And so, dear ones, are we. 
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

September 27, 2020

Dear Souls, 
Bless you! You are Sophia, the embodiment of Holy Wisdom, and your Presence makes us full of wonder.
As we shift our consciousness from the appearance of reality to what is Always True, Spirit invites us to take an inner journey to our "Wise Old Woman" within. It doesn't matter if we identify with a particular gender or not; this "Wise Old Woman" lives in all of us. Spirit invites us to see the pathway to Her and make our journey now. 
When we have arrived at the place in our consciousness where She lives, Spirit invites us to notice that She has something to show us. If we will kneel at Her Feet and listen carefully, She will show us our own unique and individual wisdom. If we are obedient to Her Vision, we will come to understand what it is about us that makes us wise. 
When we have surrendered to Her Vision of what makes us wise, Spirit invites us to thank Her and walk the pathway back to where we began. When we are back where we began, Spirit asks, "What is the Wisdom you are meant to pass along to the world?"  As we listen to the question, we are invited not to make an immediate answer, but to stay quiet in a state of awe, wonder, and soft curiosity.
Spirit suggests that when we are brimming over with awe and wonder, we will know what our particular Wisdom gift is. And we will be ready to give it to the world. 
Thank you, Wise Sophia Ones. Your Wisdom is the awe and wonder the world is searching for.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

September 20, 2020

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the Harmony the world is longing to hear.
As we move into the Deep Knowing of our True Being, Spirit invites us to call upon the memory of someone else's opinion which was in opposition to our own. We are looking for a memory of an opposing opinion that rocked our world and sent us into a tailspin. We are looking for the memory of an opinion that we reacted to in fear. We are looking for the kind of experience where someone else's opinion felt like a personal attack and left us breathless. 
When we have located the memory of the opposing opinion, Spirit invites us to use our Divine Imagination and endow the opposing opinion with a musical sound.
And once we have found the musical notes of the opposing opinion, Spirit invites us to relax into the notes we hear, and listen for the harmony that is tucked lovingly within the notes of the opposing opinion. We may find ourselves humming, or rocking back and forth. We find that we are simply aware of a musical harmony that invokes a feeling of deep peace. Wherever we find ourselves will be perfect. 
Finally, Spirit invites us to energetically hold hands and form a loving circle around our dear planet. Once our circle has formed, each of us is invited to share our harmonious music with the world and all of the Harmonious Potential It Is. 
Bless you, Dear Souls! Your willingness to hear harmony where harmony appears not to be is what harmonizes the world.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn
"One lives not just for oneself but for one's community."- Ruth Bader Ginsburg