Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


April 5, 2020

Oh, Dear Souls, Greetings!
Spirit lauds you with glory and honor, for you truly are the new beginning we have been waiting for!
As we move into the Sweet Depth of our Being, Spirit invites us to pull as far inward as we possibly can. We might imagine that we have burrowed far, far into the ground below our homes, apartments, or dwelling places.
Far down, in the deepest place imaginable, Spirit invites us to see before us a Window with a Light Being standing behind it.
Spirit invites us to bear witness as the Light Being smiles and points to something at Its feet. Something small and green is going there.
Spirit invites us to put our hands up to the window and to press into the glass. As we do, we will find ourselves on the other side, standing with the Light Being, sharing the vision of the green and growing at our feet. 
And as Love is always Love, and as Oneness is our True Nature, we will begin to notice that we are the Light Being, and that the green and growing at our feet is our own Divine Understanding. 
Next, we are invited to hold hands energetically with each other, and Light Being to Light Being,  watch together as our Understanding grows.
Soon, the field before us is green and growing , fertile and alive. It is filled with Absolute Health, Absolute Peace, Absolute Harmony and Absolute Love. All of these Qualities are now ready for harvest. We are invited to pick what moves our hearts, and holding the green and growing high above our heads, move through the dark and deep, up to the outside world , where a parade is forming. 
What else is there to do but to join the parade and sing our new song?
Hosanna in the Highest! We are the new beginning, and we are growing! 
Thank you, Dear Souls. Keep your Palms high . You are ushering the world to the New Jerusalem.
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

March 29, 2020

Dear Souls, 
Bless you  You are the New Pattern the world is seeking, and because You Are, the old patterns are disappearing!
 As we move into the Formless Deep that is our True Nature, Spirit invites to imagine that we are encased in a glass globe. Everything that we have been up until this now moment is within this globe. All of our energies from all of our past lives are here. Every word we have ever spoken is here. Every thought that has gone into the creation of what we say we are is here. Some of it is quite beautiful. And some of it…is not. 
Spirit invites into the Knowing that there is an entire Universe outside of this small globe that we have called ourselves. Spirit asks, “Are you curious? Would you like to know All that Is beyond your little world?” 
Spirit invites to allow our answer to be “Yes”. And as we allow that “Yes” to smooth its way through any wrinkles of our being, to notice that the way through the glass globe is not out, but in. 
The farther in we travel, the less of our history we will need. All that we have ever been unwinds like a lovely spool of thread, until we are finally, completely, without any pattern at all. And it is in that pattern-less-ness that we find that we are effortlessly and easily outside of the little globe we used to call home. There we will see all kinds of amazing Ideas for new patterns to create, with all the material we need to bring these new Ideas into form. And so, Spirit invites us to create ourselves anew! 
Bless you, dear Souls. Your New Patterns are the emerging world that so many long for.
 Much Love and Gratitude,
Reverend Carolyn


March 22, 2020

Dearest Souls, 
Bless you! You are the new earth, and because you are, consciousness is rising!
As we move into the Silent Depth of our Eternal Being, Spirit invites us to imagine that we have been exiled to an island far away from everyone we know and everything we are familiar with.
Once we are in our exile, Spirit invites us to imagine that the ways on and off the island have all been removed. We are prisoners. There is no where to go except into what we are. 
Spirit invites us to breathe in on the words "I am" and to breathe out on the words "the island". I am...the island. I am...the island. I am...the island.
Once we have breathed our island nature into our Being, Spirit invites us to carry our intentional breathing forward. If we are the island, then we can be the sea as well. And if we are the sea, then we can be the mainland, too. And if we are the mainland, we can be the entire planet. And if we can be the entire planet, then we can be everyone and everything on the planet. And if we can be everyone and everything on the planet...then we can create a new earth.
Spirit invites to consider the many ways as of late that we have been creating the new earth. Perhaps we have found new ways of connecting with each other. Perhaps we have remembered how to make bread. Perhaps we are seeing new uses for things we have been accustomed to throwing away. Or perhaps we are growing in our willingness to be one world. We are already the new earth. We have already tipped our consciousness toward the dawn. Now all that is needed is to keep the work going. And so, as the Consciousness That We Are, let's raise ourselves up. For in so doing, we will raise up the earth itself.
 Many Thanks, Dear Souls.
Can you feel it? 
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

March 15, 2020

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the Well of Living Water, and you bring us the Freshest of Divine Ideas!
As we move our awareness into the Depth of our Infinite Being, Spirit invites us to an imaginary pond where the water has recessed dramatically, giving the appearance of stagnant mud. 
We are then invited to stand at the muddy shore of this pond and gaze with our Loving Eyes until we can easily see fresh water, bubbling up from the middle of the pond.
When we can easily see fresh water, Spirit invites us to find a way to get ourselves to it. Will we walk through the mud or will we build something so that we can walk over the mud?  Will we grow wings and fly ourselves to the fresh water, or will we ask a passing bird or helicopter to carry us? Will we make an enormous rope with a weight attached to it, which we will throw over the distance into the fresh water, and then pull our way towards it?  Or will we design a "mud boat" that is made specifically for mud, and float our way over? Whatever Divine Idea comes to us will do perfectly. 
Once we have arrived at the fresh water in the middle of the pond, Spirit invites us to take a deep dive in, and as we do so, to know that we are diving into a Well of Infinite Possibility. 
And once we are in, we are invited to sit in Deep Listening to the millions upon billions of fresh, inspired Divine Ideas that are in circulation around us. 
One of these Divine Ideas is designed specifically for you to hear and integrate. 
When we have heard the Divine Idea that is specific to our consciousness, Spirit invites us to breathe it in and carry it with us back to the surface of our Being. 
Thus ends our meditation. And thus begins our work. How will we share our Divine Idea with the rest of the world? How will we integrate it into our lives? How will we use it to help humanity find fresh healing in the midst of the current crisis we are in? 
For surely, the banks of the pond appear to be muddy. But we have Loving Eyes and Willing Hearts. And we know how to find our way to Fresh Water.
Many Thanks, Dear Souls! You truly are Wells of Living Water, and your Fresh Ideas are transforming the world! 
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

March 8, 2020

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the Contagion of Love, and nothing can stop your ability to spread hope where there is fear and joy where there is dismay.
As we shift our awareness into the Silent Depth of our Being, Spirit invites us to consider a time when we had to make room for someone or something outside of our comfort zone. Perhaps we shared a taxi ride with someone who triggered a sense of danger. We might have sat next to someone in a restaurant and felt uneasy because of the way they expressed themselves. Or we might have noticed an inner quality of our very own self that has caused us to squirm. Whatever we have had to share space with - person, creature, ideology, or inner quality - that has made us uncomfortable will do.
Once we have located the memory of what or who it was that we felt anxiety about sharing space with, Spirit invites us to ask the person, place, or energy a question: "What is it that frightens you the most?" 
Spirit invites us to spend some time listening...
And when we have heard "the other" speak into something that resonates with the way we feel, we are invited to respond by saying, "Yes, me too." 
Next, we are invited to hold hands energetically with each other, and to lift our consciousness high above planet earth, where we will have a clear vision of the corona virus trying to express itself. Spirit suggests that it might help if we see the virus as a beautiful stained glass window with light pouring through. What is it that the virus is speaking into?  
And when we have listened and heard and found a resonance within us, we are invited to say, " Yes, me too." 
And now...we are invited to share the Light That We Are - virus and  human alike. And as we share, to know that Love is the Only Real Contagion. And We Are A Pandemic of Love.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn 

March 1, 2020

Dear Souls,
Bless you  You are the Bird who sings, knowing you have wings! 
 As we move into the Silent Deep of our Endless Nature, Spirit invites us to consider something in our lives, present for us now, by which we may have noticed that our faith is wavering. We might notice that our faith in a religious or political system is beginning to weaken. We might notice that our faith in an individual is not what it once was. Maybe it is an object that we have lost faith in, such as a car or a computer. Or perhaps we have lost faith in ourselves to hold to a promise that we have made, either to another, or to ourselves. Or, it may be that we have lost faith in Life itself. Whatever comes up to be noticed will be perfect. 
When we are aware of an area in which or for which we have lost faith, Spirit invites us to think of that area as a branch we are standing on that is beginning to give way. What will we do as the branch eventually breaks beneath us?
Spirit reminds us that we always have the option to grow wings and fly into a new Faith, a Faith that has no limits or conditions; a Faith that is free to imagine all kinds of Infinite Possibilities. 
Of course, this new Faith requires a New Song. What will we sing, now that we know we have wings?
Next, with the assurance that we can hear our New Song, Spirit invites us to energetically join wings each other and fly high above our dear planet earth.
And…All together now…Let’s Sing! 
Thank you, Dear Souls. Your willingness to grow wings is the Song the world is longing to sing. Let the New Faith begin. 
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn  

February 23, 2020

Dearest Souls, 

Bless you! You are the prophets of Joy, and because you are, the world is leaning into a new vision!

As we move into the Sacred and the True, Spirit invites us to call to mind a time in which we created a gloomy forecast. Perhaps we prophesied bad weather, or bad traffic, or an unpleasant situation at work or at home. Maybe we prophesied something as simple as bad hair... Whatever it was, whenever it was, and wherever it was, Spirit invites us to call forth the negative prophecy and hold it in our hand the way we might hold a baby bird. 

Once we are holding our old prophecy/baby bird in our hands, Spirit invites us to ask our prophecy bird what it could have used in order to fly freely. If we ask with our soft hearts and listen with the same, Spirit assures us that we will hear and understand what our prophecy birds needed to break free and fly with abandon. Once we have heard, Spirit invites us to know that we can go back in time and give our birds exactly what they need in order to fly Joyfully now. 

Next, Spirit invites to consider prophecies we are creating today. Are any of them like the wounded bird we just helped liberate? What is the gloomy forecast we are creating now? We are invited to follow in the same pathway as before: holding the negative forecast in our hands as if it were a baby bird, listen to it closely and then give it what it needs to soar into absolute Joy.

Finally, Spirit invites us to hold hands with each other energetically, and on wings of Spirit, fly high above the earth. Once we are all gathered up high, we are encouraged to hold the earth in our collective hands as if it were a baby bird. And once we have Her, to ask Her what she needs to fly Joyfully. We are assured that we will be able to give Her exactly what she needs, and that She will spread Her Wings and Fly in Loving Ecstasy.

Thank you, Dear Souls! Your Joyful prophecies are changing the forecast from gloom to Bloom, and the whole world is now in Joyful flight.

Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

February 9, 2020

Dear Souls,
Greetings! You are the ones who carry a Light burden, and because you are, the world is becoming increasingly lighter.
As we move into the Silent and the Deep, Spirit invites us to consider a time when we were engaged in profound worry or stress over a person or a situation. It doesn't matter if we were burdened with worry over something as small as the change in our pockets or as large as the change in our climate. Whatever it was that worried us enough to make us feel burdened will do. 
When we have isolated the burden of worry that we are either carrying today or have carried in the past, Spirit invites us to imagine that we can put the burden down, open it up, and unpack its contents. If we look with our gentle hearts, Spirit suggests that what we will discover in the contents of our burdens may very well surprise and delight us, for at the very core of every burden is a desire to bring Love where Love appears not to be and Light where darkness seems to be. Spirit invites us to sit with the knowing that our deepest desire is just this: to bring Love where Love appears not to be and Light where darkness seems to be. 
Spirit invites us into this Promise of Ages: when we remember what our deepest desire is, we will be able to see Light everywhere, even in the deepest recesses and corners of those heavy burdens we carry. And suddenly, our burden will be Light.
And this, dear friends, is what Lightens the world.
Thank you, dear Souls. Because you are willing to carry your Light Burden high, the burden of the world has become nothing more than an opening to Light.
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn 

February 2, 2020

Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the Name of Divinity, and because you are, the whole world is Divine!
As we move into the Silent and the Infinite, Spirit invites us to consider a time when we knew absolutely that we were capable of doing great things. Perhaps it was the first tine we climbed a tree, or jumped into a pool.
Perhaps it was the time we saw just how deeply we could forgive or how passionately we could love.
Perhaps it was the first time we noticed that if we really focused and centered our being, we could meditate, fly a kite, ride a bicycle, write a play, or build a house.
Whatever comes to our Loving Mind as a beautiful example of our knowing and expressing our Divinity will do perfectly.
Next, we are encouraged to focus our attention on this particular time (and it may be right now!) and see it as an Absolute Expression of our Divinity. If we are open, trusting, and willing, we will hear at least one Name of our Divinity. Spirit invites to go in very deeply - right now - and hear one of our Divine Names.
When we emerge with the imprint of a Divine Name of ours, Spirit invites us to share it with the world by hearing ourselves say: "I am ___________, and so are you!" 
Bless you, Gods and Goddesses. Your Holy Name is all the awakening the world needs.
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn