Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn


"Many Hands Make Light Work"


July 25, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the promise of the New Beginning, and because you are, there is always hope. 
As we release into our Depth and allow ourSelves to be Expressions of Light, Spirit invites us to think of something that we have considered to be a "catastrophe". We are encouraged to focus on one event rather than many, as our Universe is One Place, and the one and the many are, in Reality, the Same. 
When we have located our "catastrophe", Spirit suggests that we notice our reaction to whatever event we are focusing on. Whatever we notice in our reaction is our fertile field for a new beginning, so we are encouraged to observe our reactions with Soft, Divine Curiosity rather than closed judgement.
Next, we are invited to open our Curiosity Window and search for a new reaction to catastrophe. Spirit assures us that if we are extremely gentle with ourselves, we will indeed notice new reactions that grow through the old field of fear, anger, resentment, and hopelessness. Something new is happening within us and as us. Spirit encourages us to focus on this new reaction now. 
As we focus on this new reaction to what we have called "catastrophe", Spirit will focus all of Its Loving Intention with us and as us. And as the entire Universe engages with our new reaction, Spirit promises that New Solutions will emerge, allowing our new reaction to become a new way of life for all of planet earth. 
Bless you, dear Souls. Here we grow again.

Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

July 18, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are Living Water, and because you are, rivers flow in the desert.
As we merge with the depths of our Being, Spirit invites us to bring our focus to a time when our thirst became toxic. We may have been thirsty for fame, for riches, or for beauty. We may have been thirsty for revenge or recrimination.Or - we may have been thirsty for some kind of beverage. Whatever thirst we remember as creating a toxicity within us will do.
When we have found the memory of our toxic thirst, Spirit asks us to notice that we released our addiction to toxicity by drinking the Pure, Living Waters of our own Divinity. We can feel into this Living Water right now with a simple affirmation: "I am all the Living Water I need."
Spirit suggests that as we make this affirmation, we gently notice addictions of ours that make the planet thirsty and toxic. Addictions to plastic and to fossil fuel may surface, along with the addiction for "more" when we could thrive with "less". Or we may notice that we have an addiction to "mine", and are threatened by what is "ours". Whatever addiction we may have that helps to create a thirsty and toxic planet will do.
When we are lovingly aware of our addictions that make the earth thirsty and toxic, Spirit invites us to release all such addictions with the same affirmation: "I am all the Living Water I need." Next, we are invited to bring our consciousness to the Great Salt Lake in Salt Lake City, which is on the verge of becoming a toxic wasteland due to humanity's addictions to "more" and "mine". 
We are asked to imagine and know that we are this Great Lake, and that we have all the Living Water we need. Spirit suggests that we will begin to notice our Living Water as an agreement to thrive together on less and share what has always been ours to share. This is our Living Water, and there is an endless supply of it. 
Thank you, Dear Souls. The Living Water you are is the change in climate the world is longing for.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

July 11, 2021

Dearest Souls,

Bless you! You are the Pure in Heart, and because you are, Purity is seen everywhere!

As we give ourselves permission to float down the middle path of our being, Spirit invites us to notice that we truly are multidimensional. Our physical bodies are securely planted on the earth plane, and our energetic bodies move like water back and forth across the dimensions.

Spirit invites us to notice that as we move like water across dimensions, the water we are becomes purer and purer. And when we return to third dimensional awareness, the Purity we are can be felt directly in the heart. 

Now that we know the Truth of our Being - that we are indeed Pure in Heart - Spirit invites us to share this Truth by seeing Purity everywhere Purity appears not to be. We might think of an institution, a city street, a park, a lake, a river, or a movement. Whatever our mind perceives as being less than pure will do. 

When we have located that which we believe to be less than pure, Spirit invites us to merge with it, move with it, and be it. We can do this when we are like water, and as such, we can transport it gently over to another dimension. We will notice that what we have merged and moved with is gradually becoming purer and purer, and we will feel this directly in the heart.

Now that our hearts are open and engaged, Spirit asks us, "What can you do every day to ground this meditative work on the earth plane? What is yours to purify? What are you leaving that is cleaner than when you found it?"

Bless you, dear Souls! Your Pure Hearts create the pristine environment the world longs for. 

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

July 4, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the birth of a new nation, and because you are, every day is a celebration!

As we shift our awareness into the Endless Depth of our True Being, Spirit invites us to consider what it is we would most like to see for ourselves by the dawn's early light. What is it about ourselves that we could indeed proudly hail in the twilight's last gleaming?

Once we are embraced by the vision of what we would like to see and proudly hail for ourselves, Spirit  invites us to carry this same vision for our families. What is it that we would like to see for our families in the dawn's early light? What would we proudly hail? 

Finally, we are invited to bring loving focus to what we would like to see for our nation by the dawn's early light. Can we see what we would proudly hail? 

And if we do see what we would proudly hail - for ourselves, for our families, and for our nation, Spirit invites us to open our hearts wide and ask the universe a question: "Oh, say, do You see? Do You see what we see? The bombs of peace are bursting in our consciousness. The glare of the rockets of Divine Illumination are giving us proof through our lonely night that the All-ness of Love is still there. Oh, say, do You see?"

And if we are still and listen, we are bound to hear, "Yes."

And that is because each and everyone of us is the universe. And as such, we are birthing new Selves, new Families, and a New Nation. A nation that will truly make us proud. 

Bless you, Dear Souls. The bombs you drop are full of mercy and the rockets you send illuminate us with compassion. Happy Fourth of July!

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

June 27, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you. You are the Finders, and because you are, nothing and no one is ever lost.

As we move into the Deep Knowing that is the Source of our Being, Spirit invites us to consider something or someone that we may believe to have lost. We may believe we lost a coin, a pearl, or a sheep. Or we may believe we lost health, a friendship, a job, an opportunity, or a home. Or perhaps we believe we have lost confidence in ourselves, or in the world around us.

When we are clear about what we believe we have lost, Spirit invites us to know that we are a field of energy which extends around us . It will be useful to think of this field as being as large as an acre or two. Or even larger...

When we can see the length and width and depth of this field, Spirit invites us to go for a walk in it. And as we walk, to pay close attention to everything we see in our field. Faces of loved ones, graduation ceremonies, weddings, funerals, painful moments, happy moments: everything we have experienced so far will be found in this field.

And if we continue walking with soft eyes and hearts wide open, we will see and hear and taste and smell something else: Our Sacred Dreams. Our Sacred Dreams are in this field. There are Old Dreams we came into this world with. And there are New Dreams we are birthing now. Spirit invites us to find these New Dreams now, and when we find them, to invite the entire Universe to celebrate this finding with us. 

And if our eyes are soft and our hearts are open, we will see everything and everyone we believed we had lost being birthed again in the soil and soul of the New Dream. As we watch the "lost" become the "found", Spirit invites us to be divinely curious about the new form of the "lost". After all, this is a New Dream - a Dream that makes everything New. What is the new and now form of what we once believed we had lost?

Thank you, Dear Souls. Your Finding brings us all Home.

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

Dedicated with Love to the families of the Surfside Condominium and all Miami Dade County 

June 20, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! Your courageous vulnerability is the raw beginning the world is longing for.

As we give ourselves permission to be our Softest Selves, Spirit invites us to imagine that we are alone and afloat in a comfortable boat made just for us. 

Spirit invites us to give our boat permission to fully support us. It doesn't matter if our boat is made out of solid wood or the sheerest gossamer. The more we allow our boat to support us, the more support we will be able to feel.

When we have given our boat our fullest permission to support us, Spirit invites us to know that the water that our boat floats on is also able to fully support us. And we are invited to allow the water to completely support our boat and our boat to fully support us. 

With the full support of our boat and the water beneath us, Spirit now invites us to feel this support expanding. We can feel support from the ocean floor. We can feel support from the core of the earth all the way to its crust on the other side. We can feel support from every grain of sand, every mountain, every desert, and every valley. The entire planet is an enormous boat of support, and as we float on it, we can feel the support of the entire universe, which holds the earth in a gentle embrace.

We now have all the support we need. And knowing that we are fully supported, Spirit invites us to remove every bit of clothing, armour, identity, persona, addiction, or fixation we have. Once we are completely naked, Spirit asks that we stand up so that we can be seen. 

Spirit invites us to notice that the more we are able to tolerate being seen as what we Truly Are, the more we will be able to see the Truth of everyone and everything. And as we see what is True, we are able to offer our full support to everyone and everything. For we are the boats that keep each other afloat and the water that accepts everyone as they are. The universe is a brand new baby all over again- naked, vulnerable and supported by our naked, vulnerable, and all inclusive arms.

Thank you, dear souls. Your vulnerability is our beginning.

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

June 13, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the ones who are willing to grieve with others, and because you are, the world is a kinder, gentler place. 

As we focus our awareness into our Boundless Inner Depth, Spirit invites us to allow ourselves to mourn for someone or something that we have never personally met or encountered. 

We may find ourselves grieving with a mother polar bear because she cannot feed her young. We may mourn with those who lost loved ones in the most recent mass shooting. We may find we are sad with the Rain Forest for the loss of trees, or that we ache for the  homeless or those dying alone. Wherever our hearts lead us to mourn will be perfect.

When we have grounded ourselves in the awareness of another's pain, Spirit invites us to feel the pain as deeply as we can. When it hurts, we are invited to breathe with the pain as if we were heavy with child and in labor. 

If we will stay with the process, allowing our hearts to melt with loving empathy, Spirit assures us that we will begin to notice that we are not only breathing with the pain of the world, but with all of the joy as well. We are breathing sadness and hope, grief and celebration, mourning and extacy. And because we are breathing the union of opposites, we can birth Loving Compassion, making the world a kinder, gentler place. 

Bless you, dear souls! Your capacity to feel grief for others is the comfort the world longs for.

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

June 6, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the ones who walk with grief gracefully, and because you are, the world is filled with gratitude. 

As we move into the Sacred Depth of our Being, Spirit invites us to imagine and know that we are standing at the entrance to a beautiful labyrinth.

There is a basket by our feet with a gift inside, just for us. We are invited to reach into the basket and pick up the piece of paper, birch bark, stone, clay, leather, or any other material that is there. If we gaze softly, we will see the word "Grief" written on it. Once we have the gift of Grief in our hand, Spirit invites us to begin to walk the labyrinth.

As we move slowly along the familiar path which leads us here and there, we are encouraged to notice how our Grief changes subtly with every step. Sometimes lighter, sometimes heavier, sometimes bitter, and sometimes sweet, our grief will move with us, changing and evolving as we change and evolve.

When we arrive at the center of the labyrinth, we will find another basket with another gift, just for us. We are invited to reach into the basket and pick up another piece of fabric or material, this time, with the word "Gratitude" written on it. 

Now it is time to walk out from the center of the labyrinth, noticing this time how the gift of Gratitude changes subtly with every step we take. Sometimes giddy, sometimes sober, sometimes all encompassing, and sometimes focused on a tiny detail- our Gratitude moves and evolves as we move and evolve. 

Dear Souls, we have walked our labyrinth of Grief and found Gratitude at the center of our Being. This journey, in and of itself, brings a mourning world the hope that is needed to begin again once more. Bless you and thank you. May the journey begin... again. 

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

May 30, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the Memory of Peace, and because you are, the monuments of war transform into monumental Peace.

As we begin our sacred journey, Spirit invites us to think of someone we either know of or heard of who has fought in a war. This may be a family member or someone we heard about in the news. Anyone, familiar or not, will do.

Once we have found our person, Spirit invites us to go to them on the wings of Loving Consciousness and ask them to tell us where the memories of war hurt the most. 

Spirit invites us to listen compassionately, and to respond to every hurt place with a kind word and a loving touch.

Spirit assures us that every kind word we speak and every loving touch we give creates new memories: Memories of Peace. And if we continue to ask, "Where does it hurt?", and continue to give loving touch, these Memories of Peace will increase so substantially that the memory of war will fade from view.

Bless you, Memories of Peace! Yours is the Memory the world longs to remember. 

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn


May 23, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the Breath of Life, and because you are, we can all breathe.

As we move within, Spirit invites us to be aware of our breathing. As we do so, we are invited to realize the depth of our physical lungs. As we relax and allow air to drop in, we too can drop into our very depths.

Along the way, Spirit invites us to gently notice the places in our lungs that may be tight or constricted. These are the places where we may be holding ourselves back from receiving the fullness of the Love we are. These are the places where we may have decided for one reason or another that we don't deserve the fullness of the Abundant Life we are. These are the places where we may have determined that we cannot - or may not - live into the fullness of the Freedom we are. 

When we have lovingly located the constricted places within, Spirit suggests that we can open our airways by opening the airways of someone or something else that is having trouble breathing. And so, we are invited to bring our soft and gentle focus to someone or something we know or have heard of that has had a hard time breathing. Merging our lungs with theirs, breathing with them, we are invited to know that each of us deserves to be full expressions of Love, Life, and Freedom. And as we know this, the Holy Breathing we are creates a mutually felt Ease and Grace that ripples across the world. Now we all can breathe. Now we all are Free. And as the Love we are, all of our Lives are Lives well lived.

Bless you, Dear Souls! Your Whole and Holy breathing is the healing the world has been seeking.

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

May 16, 2021

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are both Israel and Palestine, and because you are, Peace begins with you. 

As we shift our consciousness from what we think we know to everything we don't know, Spirit invites us to notice an inner conflict playing out across the geography of our consciousness. If we look softly, we will see a place in our being where a line has been drawn in the sand. It is a non negotiable place where hardly anything grows. It is known to us as "Either/Or". Either we stay or we go. Either we fight or we run. Either we speak up or we don't. Either we live or we die. 

Once we have located our "Either/Or", Spirit invites us to impress our being with the words "Both/And", saying repetitively and quietly,  "I am Both/And." "I am And/Both." "I am Both/And." "I am And/Both."

When we are sufficiently saturated with the Inclusive and Divine Energy of "Both/And" and "And/Both" Spirit invites us to say quietly, lovingly, and repetitively, " I am both Israel and Palestine. I am both Palestine and Israel. I am both Israel and Palestine. I am both Palestine and Israel." As we do so, Spirit invites us to notice that Peace truly is beginning with us. 

Peace be unto you, oh Beloved Peace Makers. Your willingness to shift from "Either/Or" to "Both/And" is the Salaam Shalom the world longs to express. 

Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn