Survey Results

Ministry Re-Convening Survey Results
I am so grateful to all of you who responded to the survey we sent out. The fact that you each took the time to think through your answers speaks to your bond of commitment to Unity in the Foothills, a commitment which we all share. So, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

There were 27 responses.  The results are as follows:


Question 1 has 27 answers, (select one answer)

1. When our local government lifts its ban and/or offers guidance for churches to re-open, which best describes your attitude toward returning to church? Select one:

I will return the first opportunity we have. – 14.8%

I will return at first opportunity but with some concerns and precautions. – 37.0%

I will wait several additional weeks before I attend. – 18.5%

It may be six months to a year before I return. – 7.4%

I will continue to attend online. – 14.8%

Not sure – 7.4%

Question 2 has 27 answers (select all that apply)

2. In addition to our local government lifting its ban and/or offers guidance to support safe public gatherings, are there other signals you would want to see before you return to the church? Select all that apply:

All local businesses are open (gyms, hair salons, etc.) – 13.1%

Local restaurant indoor seating areas are open again – 13.1%

Schools are open again - 14.8%

The number of coronavirus cases near me is very small - 24.6%

Most social distancing recommendations have been lifted (events, movie theaters, etc.) – 19.7%

None of these - 3.3%

Not sure. – 6.6%

Other: 4.9%

Open text responses to "other":

  • "I think we need to see if there's a second wave now that the state is reopening. If there isn't a summer spike, then I think we can feel safer. But then, there's the expected return of the virus in the fall. Does that mean September? October? We may have a small window of relief...but we are still in unchartered waters. So best to hang back and watch what happens. 
  • "As I may still be in PA, I am not sure how this applies to me. I am looking forward to participating in many of the groups when I get my wifi capabilities up to date."
  • "A vaccine is in place and has been distributed."

Question 3 has 27 answers (select all that apply)

3. What precautions, if any, do you plan to take when you return to church? Select all that apply:

I will wear a face mask- 14.0%

I will stand and sit in places where I will be at least 6 feet from others (beyond my own family) - 14.0%

I will avoid shaking hands - 13.2%

I will avoid any physical contact - 15.5%

I will avoid crowded hallways - 10.9%

I will bring hand sanitizer – 14.0%

I would prefer there is no singing – 6.2%

I’m OK with singing if everyone is wearing a face mask. - 7.8%

None of these - 1.6%

Other: - 3.1%

Open text responses to "other":

  • "These answers are based on pre-vaccine reality. Regarding singing, listening to spirit-filled music is very meaningful. Perhaps we can also develop a humming practice....that can also a meditation practice."
  • "This is all in a field of not knowing what I don't know at this point."
  • "the coronavirus would have to be no longer a problem...having disappeared or a viable cure "
  • "When the virus has softened."

Question 4 has 26 answers (select all that apply)

4. What measures or protocols, would you like to see in place, when we reopen? Select all that apply:

Limit handouts of any kind (e.g., worship guide, notes pages, etc.) - 7.2%

Use a new method for distributing anything – 5.4%

Use a new method for collecting tithes and offerings - 7.2%

Encourage social distancing in sanctuary seating - 9.6%

Encourage social distancing in small group seating - 9.0%

Continue to have our fellowship time with strict social distancing - 3.6%

Restrict our after-service fellowship with food and socializing for an extended period of time – 6.6%

Prop doors open so people do not have to touch handles - 9.0%

Set up one-way foot traffic entering and exiting the building and sanctuary - 6.6%

Provide hand sanitizer stations - 11.4%

Discourage shaking hands, hugging, or touching. - 10.2%

Allow a longer period of time between service hours - 6.0%

Disallow use of bathroom facilities - 1.2%

Create a system so that bathrooms are sanitized after each individual visit - 5.4%

None of these - 0.6%

Other: 1.2%

Open text responses to "other"

  • "I would suggest people bring their own food for after-service socializing. It's always been about the fellowship time. People can also bring folding chairs and sit outside. Re: the two services, rather than space out the time, I would suggest managing the time combined with group social distancing. First group stays in fellowship hall. Second group waits outside until a set time and then only goes into the sanctuary. This would need to make use of one-way entrance and exit."
  • "I think I would stick with online service or's going to have to be completely gone, for me to feel comfortable "

Question 5 has 27 answers (select one answer)

5. Are you willing to continue to meet in small groups on-line?

Yes – 77.8%

No – 3.7%

I do not have a small group – 18.5%

Question 6 has 26 answers (Select one answer)

6. Do you have children age 18 or younger who live with you and typically attend church with you?

Yes – 19.2%

No –  80.8%

Question 7 has 16 answers (Select one answer)

7. Would you allow child(ren) to attend their classes in person, with precautions?

Yes – 18.8%

No –    6.3%

Not until the schools open again – 43.8%

My children do not typically attend a class – 31.3%

Question 8 has 17 answers  (select all that apply)

8. What precautions, if any, do you expect the church to take in children’s and student classes/groups when they resume? Select all that apply:

Reduce the number of people in each room or move to a larger room – 12.9%

Seat children where they cannot touch each other – 11.3%

Eliminate any snacks - 12.9%

Require teachers to wear face masks - 12.9%

Encourage kids to wear face masks - 11.3%

Ask kids to use hand sanitizer before entering - 17.7%

Plan activities in which kids do not need to touch each other - 16.1%

None of these - 3.2%

Other: - 1.6%

Open text responses to "other":

  • "How about outdoor service? "

Question 9 has 26 answers (select one answer)

9. Which of the following describes the attendance level at which you would be comfortable attending a service, when the six feet of distance guideline is removed? I would be comfortable attending if the sanctuary is…

Filled to capacity (every seat taken) - 7.7%

Three-quarters filled (some empty seats throughout but no empty rows) - 15.4%

Half filled (most people have empty seats either beside them or in front of them) – 42.3%

One quarter filled (most people have empty seats beside them and in front of them) – 15.4%

None of these (at least right away) – 19.2%

Question 10 has 26 answers (select one answer)

10. When our local government lifts its ban and/or provides guidance to support public gatherings, which of the following would you prefer for our church?

Resume in person services at our church immediately - 7.7%

Continue meeting on-line for a few more weeks – 34.6%

Hybrid (online and in-person gathering) – 46.2%

Not sure - 11.5%

Question 11 has 26 answers (select one answer)

11. Are you willing to attend a service at a different time than you typically attend to allow people to be more spread out in the sanctuary?

Willing – 53.8%

Not willing - 7.7%

Not sure – 38.5%

Question 12 has 26 answers (select one answer)

12. Are you willing to attend a service in an overflow room to ensure people (in the sanctuary and overflow rooms) are spread out?

Yes- 50.0%

No – 23.1%

Not sure – 26.9%

Question 13 has 26 answers (select one answer)

13. Would you be willing to engage in a service if you knew there would be no live singing, either from up front or from the pews?

Yes – 53.8%

No – 15.4%

Not sure – 30.8%

Question 14 has 26 answers (select one answer)

14. How long have you been attending?

I am new in 2020 - 3.8%

Less than 2 years - 11.5%

2-4 years – 34.6%

5-9 years – 19.2%

10+ years – 30.8%

I don't remember - 0.0%

Question 15 has 27 answers (select one answer)

15. What is your age?

Less than 18 - 0.0%

18-29 – 3.7%

30-49 – 25.9%

50-69 – 59.3%

70+ - 11.1%

I prefer not to answer - 0.0%

Question 16 has 26 answers (select one answer)

16. Would you like a call-back to discuss this questionnaire?

Yes - 3.8%

No – 96.2%

Question 17 has 26 answers (select one answer)

17 a. Would you like to discuss how COVID-19 has affected your or your family?

Yes - 11.5%

No -  88.5%

Question 18 has 7 answers (Checkboxes)

17 b. If "yes", select all that apply.

Grief/Loss – 27.3%

Addictions - 0.0%

Financial Impact – 18.2%

Isolation – 45.5%

Other: - 9.1%


Open text responses to "other":

  • "While I feel the pain of forced isolation from my daughters, in some ways, it has brought us closer with more frequent phone calls. Same with friends and I call more regularly to check on each other's physical and mental health during this time of anxiety."