Sacred Service

What is Sacred Service?


What does Sacred Service mean to you?  Is it tithing, donating goods, doing service or just coming to service each Sunday?  For us, Sacred Service is how we build community both within our Unity community and beyond!  We are each motivated to partake in Sacred Service in our own individual ways.  What is most important is that we perform Sacred Service from our hearts, not out of some unforeseen obligation that our ego mind tells us to do. (or the monkey chatter that tells us in order to get to where we need to be, we "must do this".  Then we do it, ego tells us, "Oh, that wasn't good enough."

When Sacred Service is done out of LOVE; whether we are tithing $2000 or .20 cents, Spirit smiles.  It doesn't matter if we are chairing an event or if we stack chairs after the event, Spirit smiles.  Whether we take the garbage out after service, lend support to someone in need, or simply smile, Spirit smiles.  The "I AM" within us rejoices as the catalyst to our awakening has begun!!

So we encourage you to offer services in whatever way you can and know that you are appreciated and loved very much.

Love and Light,

Rev. Carolyn, Susan and Jean