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Letter From our Beloved Ethel Albanesius
   I want to share with you how Spirit has enlarged my understanding of "BELOVED."  
   Almost 60 years ago, at our wedding ceremony, the pastor began: “Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here…” etc.  But to me it was words, just part of the ceremony.
   Then 15 years ago, when we were choosing a gravestone for our son, we both asked what we wanted written on it.  Stan and I prayed about it and we both received the word “BELOVED.”  Yes, Paul was God’s beloved and also our beloved son.
Then 8 years ago at the first Unity White Stone Ceremony, in the silence I heard God say “Beloved” … what He calls me.
   In a meeting where there was a discussion of a person who was causing disharmony, as I prayed God said “This is my beloved son.”  That is the way God sees that person.  
   We must understand that God is no respecter of persons.  He does not single out an individual as Beloved.  No, God give that word to ALL.  So here today we have Carolyn, the Beloved, Paul the Beloved, Barbara the Beloved and all of you the Beloved.
   Just recently, Spirit reminded me that since the Father and I are ONE, if individual are His Beloved then they are My Beloved also.  What a change in looking at individuals when I remember they are My Beloved.  Try viewing everyone as God does, MY BELOVED.

So full circle: 
   Today I can truly know and say: "Dearly Beloved, we are gathered here."  No longer just words but consciously realized.