Letters from our Spiritual Leader

Letters from our Spiritual Leader


Minister Report from the August 13, 2019 Quarterly Meeting


Dear Beloved Community,

It’s hard to believe that we are almost nearing the end of summer - we must be having fun, because time is flying!

We are really digging deep in our Affirmative Prayer class. In the three classes we have left, we will continue on our thoughtful and experiential  journey of what real prayer is so that we may better serve our community as well as ourselves. Those who complete the class lovingly will be ordained as prayer chaplains on October 27th.  Imagine if our entire community were made up of ordained prayer chaplains! It could happen…

We had a promising beginning to our “Listening Project”, which officially started just this past Friday the 9th at Coe Park. It was an absolutely gorgeous day .There were only two of us there for our project on the first day, but what we learned was infinitely valuable. There is a leading question on the card that we pass out which asks: “What makes you happy?” Both people that we engaged with answered “ Unity”. And from there, the talking flowed. Amazing! We are going back this coming Monday from 3-5 as well as August 16th from 2-4. On Saturday, August 24th, we will bring our listening hearts to the Care Fair which UCC is sponsoring at our church, from 2-4pm.  This is a project that I hope to see UITF repeat often.

I know you all really enjoyed the outdoor service and we are planning to hold another one on October 6th. Since Burr Pond worked out so well for us this last time, we would like to return there, possibly bringing our sister church (UCC) with us for a combined service . The cost to rent the pavilion is $229.00, which I paid last time, and it was my pleasure to do so. I won’t be able to pay for it again, so if the community wants to go back to Burr pond for an outdoor service, we will have to find a way to come together as a community and fund that. I’m sure if we put our hearts together, we can do it .

From where we are right now, November may seem a long way away, but there is a great deal about November that we need to start planning for now. Award winning humorist and professional songwriter Greg Tamblyn will be coming all the way from Kansas City to bring us a Comedy Concert on Saturday, November 9th. He will stay with us overnight and bring in the message Sunday morning. Sunday afternoon, he will offer us a “Laughter Jam Humor Workshop”, which helps people find the funny in everyday life. Greg’s unique musical wit provides the perfect dose of “conscious comic relief” from the workday blues, global anxiety, and personal challenges. His current mission, and one of his funniest comedy bits, is “Saving the World from Whiny Victim Love Songs”.  Greg will spit the proceeds of both the Comedy Concert and the Humor workshop with us, 65% to Greg and 35% to us, so this is a win for us both financially and spiritually!

As we get closer to November, we will send Greg’s press release out and begin to sell tickets after service and post flyers around town. If you would like to be a part of the team that makes November 9th and 10th a smashing success, please let me know. It’s going to be a ton of fun!

Lastly, I just want to let you all know that I will be on vacation from September 1st through to September 14th. I will be unplugged during that time. Before I go, I will make a schedule of availability with our prayer chaplains so that congregants have someone to turn to, should there be a need.

Bless you all! It is an honor to serve such an extraordinary community.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn


Letter to Community Aug. 2018 Qtly Meeting

Dear Beloved Community,

It’s hard to believe it’s August already! But it’s not hard to believe how very blessed we have been and continue to be. If you need proof, just look around at the faces of blessing sitting next to you. You all are vessels of blessing, and it is an honor to serve you.

This next Wednesday evening, we will be wrapping up our six-week class on “Living Abundantly”. Uncle Eric Butterworth’s book, Spiritual Economics, has been an amazing inspiration for us, and the growth in consciousness has been palpable. I’m looking forward to seeing how the vibrations from this class ripple through our community and beyond. I can’t wait to hear you coach each other on how to how to live life from the inside out. I know I’m going to overhear someone describing how we are swimming in Divine Substance the way a fish swims in water. One of you is going to ask someone, “Are you making a living or living your making?” How thrilling! We are the change we long to see!

Our class on Positive Prayer has already been a blessing to our community. In addition to our healers who serve us faithfully by being vessels of Light, we now have four prayer chaplains who love to serve us by reminding us that our Source knows what we need. We are becoming a congregation of ministers. We are giving ourselves away in service, and this can only make us grow into receiving increasing showers of blessings.

Other blessings received: The Rune workshop with Rev. Laura MacLauchlan, the workshop Ed Foote brought us on “Discovering Your Soul’s Purpose”, as well as the workshop on The Course in Miracles that world author and speaker Jon Mundy brought us. We just get richer and richer in spiritual understanding!

While I look back in gratitude, I also look forward in joyful anticipation. In just a few weeks, on August 26th to be exact, Deacon Art Miller will be our guest speaker. I have printed out an article about him written back in 2015, but the sentiments therein are as fresh today as they were three years ago. Deacon Art Miller’s best friend as a child was Emmett Till, the young African American teenager whose murder by the Ku Klux Klan sparked the civil rights movement. He has been a passionate mover and shaker in the civil rights movement throughout his adulthood. And- he is one of the most powerful speakers I have ever had the pleasure to experience. Bring your friends – this is bound to be very powerful.

I’m also looking forward to the book we will be studying for our Faith in Action study group in the fall: Hell in the Hallway, Light at the Door, by Unity author Ellen Debenport. The “hallway” is the place between jobs, relationships, or after the death of a loved one. It’s that place between a life change and what’s next, and it is a place where tremendous growth and change can occur. If you want to start reading it right away, you can easily purchase it on Amazon Smile. Or you can wait a few weeks until I have ordered it for our bookstore and buy it from us. I think this book is going to be great blessing for our community.

Up for consideration as a class in 2019 is a book titled “Waking Up White”, by Debby Irving. Several other Unity ministers that I am in contact with have recommended this book as a fantastic vehicle to explore just exactly what “white privilege” is. I am reading it now and find myself glued to it in shock and recognition of my own white privilege. Rev. Rhonda and I are talking about joining with other local churches in reading this book to open the conversation on race and bring much needed healing and understanding to our racial wounds. My hope is that we will find a way to bring several churches together under the same roof- a shared book study.

I also would like to teach the class on Affirmative Prayer again and am in the process of sorting out just where that class would fit in our schedule.

Most of all, I remain ever grateful to you all. You are the blessing of my life, and you teach, enrich, embolden, and inspire me in Unlimited Ways. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn