Letter from Board of Trustees

Link to Rev. Carolyn's letter titled "The Most Important Election" October, 2016.


October 13, 2016

To the beloved community-Unity in the Foothills,

Although my service as a trusted Board member has officially ended, I want to say thank you and share what the experience has done for me and my life personally.   

My journey through the various positions on the Board of Trustees allowed me to hold many titles and wear many hats.  Yes, I learned so much about taking minutes, typing minutes, balancing the books and fixing the copier.  Whenever there was a shift in officers or board members, the rhythm that this community is built upon seamlessly continued.  Many great lessons paired with many beautiful blessings, all orchestrated with patience, understanding, compassion, grace and Oneness.  Serving on the Board was truly an avenue to embrace sacred service and to overcome many fears.

I would like to thank all the past members that I had the honor to serve with, all the current members that walked beside me and special thanks to the new Board members as they continue with this Sacred Waltz of service.  When I allow ego to take over, I become saddened with thoughts of “not enoughness” and not being needed.  Because of the honesty and friendships developed over the last few years, I know that these emotions are all “normal” and that many Past Board Members felt the same way.  We are all ENOUGH.

I fully intend to dive further into the ministry of Unity in the Foothills by serving in whatever capacity is needed.  Whether it be prayer, teaching, greeting, fundraising, hosting, healing, assisting with the youth or helping with the administrative duties – I pledge my devotion to the ongoing growth of our community.  Sacred Service feeds my Soul and has illuminated the footprints of my life.  

Kudo’s to the newest members of our Board of Trustees.  Each newly appointed Officer embodies the light and endurance to serve our Community in the highest regards for All. I am here for you all and thank you!  To the community that supported me throughout my journey as a Board Member, thank you All for the opportunity to serve a loving, positive and progressive group of souls.  And finally, thanks to God in the Highest for guiding me and sometimes, yes, pushing me in the direction of Sacred Service at Unity in the Foothills.


Samantha Dennison