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Joel Goldsmith Book Study Group

Thursdays from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm EST

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"The Infinite Way" Book Cover


The Joel Goldsmith book study group has selected The Infinite Way  as the next book to study.  

The Infinite Way is a spiritual teaching of universal principles introduced to the world by the internationally recognized mystic and spiritual teacher, Joel S. Goldsmith.   He writes: “In this small volume, I have written the spiritual truth as I have gleaned it through over thirty years of study of the major religions and philosophies of all ages. This book relates the practical applications of truth to problems of human existence -- problems of health, business, family life, and security.  Be assured inner peace will come as you turn to the spiritual consciousness of life, and an outer calm will follow in your human affairs. The outer world will conform to the inner awareness of Truth.”

 Come join our informal discussion of this life changing book led by our Licensed Unity Teacher, Barbara Schafer, APRN, MSN and hosted by Kathleen Erickson on zoom.  This book is available for purchase on smile.amazon.com.  Contact Barbara at Barbara.schafer@comcast.net to obtain the zoom link. We log on at 12:45 for fellowship.