Core Values and Mission

VISION: Centered in God, we co-create a world that works for all.

MISSION: Healing our world through prayerful living, inspired teaching and helping others.


Our hearts call us to Joy, ever present no matter the outer circumstances.  We are a Peace Center, exploring and teaching new ways of being in relationship.  We are committed to Spiritual Growth, and using that growth to Make a Difference in the world.  We value our Community, knowing we are not meant to walk alone.   We choose Compassion as our way of responding to every person and event.  We are grounded in an ever-increasing love of God.

The values of Unity in the Foothills arose from the hearts of our people, and are the foundation of all our decisions and practices.

The light of God surrounds us
We are the light
The love of God enfolds us
We are the love
The power of God protects us
We are the power
The presence of God watches over us
We are the presence
Wherever we are, God is and all is well
What you will like about our beloved community:
  • love and acceptance
  • friendliness of the members
  • a comfortable, positive, welcoming feeling
  • a connection and support of like-minded people
  • the feeling that each of us is important to the whole
  • beautiful guided meditations and quiet time
  • clear and useful messages that are pertinent and well delivered
  • good music and excellant speakers
  • spiritual renewal and strength of the Unity teachings