Unity in the Foothills strongly believes that our young people deserve to be supported and nourished on their spiritual path.  We are currently in transition with our Youth Ministry and it is temporarily suspended while we await our next Youth Ministry Leader. Please affirm with us that the perfect person to fill this important role is manifesting to us, under Grace, and in a perfect way.  


"[Our] mission ... is not to entertain the children but to call them out.... To be 'called out' is to follow the harmonious law of the soul's unfoldment."

—Myrtle Fillmore




At Unity in the Foothills, youth of all ages begin service as part of our larger community and then participate in a comprehensive Youth Service. We utilize “The Living Curriculum” which is a process of spiritual support used to assist children, teens, families, and the church community in co-creating successful living. It honors the inherent wholeness and wisdom within each one of us, and utilizes storytelling and experiential creative expression to “draw out” the Truth we already know. The process helps us to explore spiritual principles and to become aware of how the principles operate in our lives.


Five Basic Unity Principles (for children and teens)

  • God is all good and active in everything, everywhere.

  • I am naturally good because God's Divinity is in me and in everyone.

  • I create my experiences by what I choose to think and what I feel and believe.

  • Through affirmative prayer and meditation, I connect with God and bring out the good in my life.

  • I do and give my best by living the Truth that I know. I make a difference!