Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


Sunday June 25, 2017

Dearest Souls,

Spirit Blesses You! You are the unveiling the world is waiting for.

As we move into the Silent and the Deep, Spirit invites us to imagine a veil that surrounds us,
making it hard for others to see who and what we really are.

Perhaps we have been living with the veil for so long that it may feel almost inconceivable to let it 
fall away. Yet we are invited to let the veil drop as if we were dropping many layers of clothing on a hot 
day before diving into a pool of clear, cool water.

As we dive into this cool and clear water, Spirit invites us to expand our awareness to include the 
water itself as a mere extension of who we are. We are a naked body swimming in the water and we are 
the water that is swimming a naked body. And so, there is nothing to fear, as we are both the naked 
body and the water that surrounds it.

And now that we are revealed to ourselves for the Selves we really Are, Spirit asks us 
to hold hands energetically and extend ourselves so that we form a circle around our 
precious world. Once we are encircling the earth, we are invited to bear loving witness 
as the planet unveils before us, dropping all of the clothing that has been manufactured 
for Her to wear ever since humans decided they couldn't be safe here. We will see many 
dear souls from many cultures and customs shedding their clothing and becoming water.
We will watch as the world becomes naked and innocent again, and as we do, Spirit will 
assure us that the world has always been naked and innocent. We simply forgot.

Many Thanks, Dear Souls. Your unveiling makes us all safe and innocent, once again.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday June 18, 2017

Dearest Souls,

Bless you for your compassion! You are making a religion out of kindness.

As we move into the Great Familiar that is the Truth of our Being, Spirit invites us 
to imagine that we are being clothed in the vibration of kindness . Kindness is what we 
wear, kindness is how we show up in the world, and kindness is the impression we leave 

where ever we go. 

Now that we are a fashion plate of kindness, Spirit invites to bear active witness to our 
fashion statement as it sets a trend that sends everyone off to find clothing of kindness. 
Republicans, Democrats, Russians, Americans, Muslims, Jews, Christian , Gay, Straight,
Inbewteen, Atheist, and Absolutist - all have gone into their closets to find clothing that looks like 
what we are wearing. Now the whole human race is clothed in kindness, and there is nothing 
else we need ever wear.

Many Thanks, Fashion Gurus! Yours is the clothing that inspires the world to loving kindness...

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday June 11, 2017

Dear Souls,
Bless you ! You are the New Map of Planet Earth.
As we move into the Sacred Infinite within, Spirit invites us to remember our
dear earth as it was before we drew lines upon it, separating this place from that.
When we have found ourselves back on a planet with no boundaries on it, Spirit
invites us to feel ourselves running from where we are sitting in a complete circle
around the planet. 
As we run, we will become aware that we are not running alone . Many Light Beings
will run alongside us , and it will become clearer and clearer to us that we are running
around our planet to quicken the energies of the world .

When we have returned to where we began , Spirit invites us to notice that we have
ourselves, each of us,become a planet with no boundaries . We are the quickened and
the unified, world without end.

Thank you, Dear Souls. You are the New Map of the World.
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn


Sunday June 4, 2017

Bless you ! Every step you take from the Love you are is like a stitch that
reinforces the Love our planet Is.
As we move into the awareness of who and what we Truly Are , Spirit invites us to
join hands energetically with one another and walk along the vibrational pathway
of Love to London in the United Kingdom.As we walk, we are asked to notice that our footsteps
are like mending stitches reinforcing the fabric of society wherever it has frayed.
When we arrive in London , we are asked to stand around it in a giant circle . Millions of
Light Beings will be waiting for us there.
Next, we are asked to stand as we are and tell the story of how London has
healed . As we tell the story, we will begin to observe the perfect mending
of London, one stitch and one step at a time . This perfect mending will expand
outward from this ancient city until our entire world is reinforced with the stitches
and steps of Love.
Bless you, Dear Souls . The steps you take from the Love you
Are are the stitches in a Healing Masterpiece.
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn


Sunday May 28, 2017

Dearest Souls,
Bless you for your courage . Every time you stand up for Love, the world lightens considerably.
As we move into the Awareness of Love that we Are, Spirit asks that we imagine that we have put on
a hijab and are looking at ourselves in the mirror .
Whether we are male or female or both,Spirit invites us to pay close attention to how
beautiful and handsome we look in our hijab. When we have fully embraced how utterly
stunning we appear on the outside, we are invited to peer behind our outer beauty so that
we can stare into the Light of our inner beauty.
Next, we are invited to hold hands energetically with each other and travel to
Portland, Oregon. A train is waiting for us. As we get on board, we will be surrounded
by millions of other Light Beings, all of whom will be wearing their magnificent hijabs .
Their astonishing beauty will take our breath away.
As the train leaves the station, we will see beyond the outer beauty of our Light
Companions . And as we see, we will be seen.
They are us . This is our beauty. Surely , this Truth is worth standing up for.
Thank you , dear Souls. I can't wait to see you on that train !
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Sunday May 21, 2017


Dear Souls,
Bless you! You are the Soft Angels that heal the world.

 As we glide down into the Sacred and the Deep, Spirit invites us to consider the edge of who we

think we are . We might begin by seeking the edge of our physical bodies. Is our skin really that hard
and fast of a boundary between who we think we are and the Universe that is?


As we allow ourselves to breathe beyond the edge of our skin, Spirit invites us to explore
what we believe might be the next edge- the edge of our soul. Can we find that place in our
vibrational geography where we stop and the Universe begins?


Spirits invites us to consider that wherever we have placed an edge between our
identity and the map of the Universe is a place that cries out to be softened . It may
appear to us as an energy that is compressed into a hard little ball, and may feel like
a knot in a muscle.


As we bring our focus to the places where we have compressed ourselves into
hard little balls, Spirit invites us to breathe our way all the way inside one of these
little balls until we are aware that the hardened ball is actually a portal to another
Universe , stretching out with Infinite Possibility.


Next, we are invited to stretch out from little hard ball into the Infinite , and as we do,
to notice that a transformation has taken place. What were once little hard places
with edges have become the softest of all geographies , extending into the Universe
as a series of feathers which become wings before our very eyes.


Spirit invites you to notice that these wings are growing from within you.


You are the Soft Angel of the world.  What will you soften next, Oh Divine Being?

Many Thanks and Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Dearest Souls,
Bless you ! You are the Mother of all you see, and it is all very good.
As we move into the Silent Truth of our Being, Spirit invites us to bear witness
to our Motherhood by taking responsibility for everything we are experiencing right
now as being our intentional creation.
As we bear witness to everything we have created , which is to say- our entire
experience- Spirit invites us to behold our creation with the awe , tenderness,
and playful curiosity of a Mother with her newly born child.
What are our dreams for our creation ? What do we desire for our child?
What has our created experience come here to be?
As we allow our creation to unfold to its Highest and best Good, Spirit invites us
to notice how lovely it feels to be a parent to our creation in this openhanded way.

Next, we are invited to bring our focus to something in our experience that we
have not yet claimed as our own creation. This could be a political persona,
or a crisis at work, in our relationships, or the disconnect we feel from our
own body. Where ever we have shifted responsibility for our experience from
our selves to another will be the perfect spiritual geography to work from .
And of course, we know what to do next. Spirit will support us with Infinite Love as
we boldly declare the bothering "other" to be not only our creation, but also to be
very good.
Thank you, dear Souls. You are the creative Mother of all you see , and it
is all very good !
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn



Sunday, May 7, 2017

Dearest Souls,

Bless you ! Your willingness to dance at the edge of mystery is the very next
breath we are waiting for.
As we move into the Arms of Love, Spirit invites us to to consider something or someone
we would normally have avoided dancing with . This might be a political personality , or a

career , a disease, a food , a conflict, death, or even fear itself. Whatever we choose to notice

that we have , up until this moment, been unwilling to dance with, will be the perfect energy

for us to work with.
Next, Spirit invites us to notice that we are being asked
to dance with the very energy we have been avoiding. What happens if we say yes?

Spirit invites us then to give ourselves full permission to dance with what we avoid,
taking great care not to harm our partner in any way, and giving space so that our
dance partner may fully express itself .
Spirit invites us to observe what we become when we dance with our newly
found partners . We may notice that we have become all tenderness, as we

lovingly support our dance partners. And we may notice that our dance partners

have become just as tender towards us.

Next, Spirit invites us to look upon our planet from a distance and
notice the energies here we would rather not dance with. When we

are secure in the decision that there are certain energies we will not

dance with, Spirit asks us to notice that it is those very energies that

are asking us out onto the dance floor.
Shall we dance? 
Your "yes" is our next breath , and what comes next is thrilling.
Thank you, dear Souls. How we dance with life matters.  
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn