Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones

Sunday December 10, 2017

Dear Souls,

Bless you ! You are the Divine laughter the world is longing for.
As we move into the Safety of our True Nature, Spirit invites us to remember
something that made us laugh really hard. Maybe an image from our favorite
Marx Brothers movie will pop into our head, or perhaps something a co -worker
or a child said will make us grin. We might find ourselves remembering something
we once did or said that was truly funny. Whatever presents itself to us will be
When we are laughing with whatever comes to mind , Spirit
invites us to thank ourselves for the wise realization that, at the
Deepest level of our Being, everything is perfect. 
Next, we are invited to hold hands with each other energetically and form
a circle around our dear planet . Once we are in place, Spirit invites us to
hear the sound of laughter coming from the earth . We may need to gently
shift our consciousness from the habit of hearing only the tears , and if this
is so, Spirit assures us there will be many Helpers with huge belly laughs
by our side , tuning the atmosphere for us . 
When we are in tune with the laughter of the world , Spirit invites to bear
witness as our dear planet becomes a place of deep and abiding Joy- simply
because we have paid attention to what is Divinely funny.
Thank you, dear Souls ! Your laughter truly does heal the world ...
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Sunday December 3, 2017

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the Joy the world is longing for.
Once upon a time, the Light that We Are couldn't contain Itself any longer
and burst forth joyfully , birthing an entire Universe. We are encouraged to reach far
back into the ancient memories of the atoms that make up our bodies as well as the collective
memories that make up our souls. We are invited to continuously reach until we find that place
within us that remembers exploding with joy as our Universe was born. As we move into the
Silent and the Deep, Spirit asks us to consider wherewe have come from .
As we sit in the memory of our birth, Spirit invites us to notice that we are still
being born, and that the same joy we felt eons ago still expresses in every fold
of our soul and body .
Next, we are invited to consider a situation that we have decided is
joyless,  and peer deeply into the situation until we can see its beginnings,
eons ago. Whatever the energy that we have decided is without joy,
it had its beginnings with us when we burst with Joy at the beginning of time.
We are invited to say ,  I know you . You are Joy. We were together at thevery beginning and we are together now."

Bless you, dear Souls. Joy to the World! You are being born!

Many Thanks and Much Love,

Rev Carolyn

Sunday November 12, 2017

Dear Souls,

Bless you ! You are the Veterans of Peace the world is longing for.

As we move into the Silence, Spirit invites us to consider how or if 
we have been veterans of war. Perhaps we still bear the scars of a rift 
with a friend ,family member, spouse , or co-worker. Perhaps our scars 
are self inflicted . Or perhaps our scars are the result of harming some
one else. It may be that we grew up in a family of veterans who have 
served , and the scars of our loved ones PTSD have become our scars.  
Whatever our scars are, Spirit counsels us to honor them.
Perhaps we will see our scars as branches for birds of peace 
to sit upon, or cracks in the road for bridges to be built upon.
Perhaps our scars will look like graves waiting for a garden to 
be planted in . However we see our scars, Spirit invites us to do 
something healing and creative with them.
When we have created something loving, harmonious , and peaceful 
out of the scars we wear, Spirit invites us to hold hands energetically 
and encircle the earth. As we do so, we are invited to let the world see 
what we have done with our scars.
Next, we are invited to bear witness as the world takes its own
scars and does something unexpectedly creative and peaceful 
with them.
Bless you, Veterans of Peace. Your scars of war have become the wounds 
where the Light enters.

Much Love,

Rev, Carolyn


Sunday November 5, 2017

Dear Light Beings,

Bless you! Every layer of resistance you unwind helps to Lighten all of humanity. 

As we move into the Sacred Silence , Spirit invites us to imagine that we are able
to unwind ourselves as if we were a spool of fabric.

As we unwind , Spirit invites us to notice what easily falls away in our
energy and what does not. There is no need to change anything. Noticing
is enough.

Spirit reminds us that is we simply notice where the fabric of our being resists
being unwound , the areas of resistance will transmute into Light.

When we are clear that we have unwound ourselves to the point where
we are only Light , Spirit invites us to energetically hold hands with
each other and spread out nice and wide so that we encircle the earth.
Next, we are invited to notice that the earth itself is unwinding from fear; from
resistance and from anger. What remains is Light .


Thank you , dear Souls. Yours is the Light that helps bring us all Home.

Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn