Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


Sunday July 15, 2018


Dearest Souls,

Bless you! You are the quickening of consciousness the world is looking for!

As we move into the Source of our Being, Spirit invites to to look within our physical plane and notice that the cells in our bodies are giving birth to light .

As we notice that the cells in our bodies are birthing light ,Spirit invites us to consider other ways in which we are giving birth . What are we giving birth to ? Are we birthing fear by expressing fear? Or are we birthing love by expressing love?

Once we have made the choice to give birth to Love, Spirit invites us to notice that we are"quickening" with the energy of labor . There is an engagement happening deep within us and we are moving to the labor room . All of our focus is needed to release anything that would stand in the way of this delivery of Light. We are invited to go deeply ,to shut the door on the outerworld and it's limited beliefs , to go  back into the Womb of Eternal Possibility. It is there that we will remember we are Light and we are here to give birth to Light .

Once the Remembrance is with us , we are invited to allow the new child of Light to emerge from within us to the outer world . As we do so, we will be aware of millions upon billions of other souls who  also engaged in birthing Light , and we will see this New Light gather in such a way as to put the shadows of the past far behind us .

Thank you, dear souls. You are the quickening of consciousness, and the birthing of Light . Your deep focus and commitment is the parenting of our New World .  

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn


Sunday July 8, 2018

Dearest Souls,

Bless you ! You are the opening the world is longing for.

As we move into the Silent and the True, Spirit invites us to consider
a situation in which we might feel trapped. For instance, we might notice
that we feel trapped in a relationship, a job, a career, or a living situation.
Or perhaps we feel trapped by a political climate, religious dogma,
or even by the bodies we live in. Whatever trap we find ourselves in will
be appropriate.
When we have found our trap, Spirit invites us to alter
our perspective until we can see that the trap is a vibration that can
be influenced with our thoughts. Perhaps we can see the trap differently.
Perhaps the trap is made out of love, and nothing more. Perhaps the
trap is a pair of loving hands that we can relax into.
When we have altered our perception of our trap, Spirit invites us
to notice the Divine Solutions that will occur to us as the doors of our
traps open and we are free to leave them behind.
Next, we are invited to join hands energetically and move our
consciousness to Thailand, where 12 young teenagers and their
coach are trapped in a cave . Their situation seems desperate, and
in the consciousness of the world, it is. But we know how to look
through the appearance of limitation and see only Limitless Love.

Thank you, dear Souls. Your freedom to see things differently sets all
captives free.
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn 


Sunday June 3, 2018

Dearest Souls,

Bless you ! You are the Return to the Original Mission that reorients the heart of the world.

As we allow ourselves to be the Love of the Universe, Spirit invites us to 
remember when we first brought ourselves into this particular lifetime. Spirit 
reminds us: We came from Limitless Light. Something beckoned us to take up form 
in a tiny body and root ourselves to the appearance of the limited.Spirit urges us to 
ask: what was it that brought us here?

After sitting in the question of why we are here, Spirit invites us to ask ourselves 
another question : What will we take with us when we leave this dimension and return
to the Unlimited? 

Spirit invites us to look lovingly at what we will carry with us when we merge back 
into Unlimited Light, and counsels us in knowing that whatever we would take back with 
us is why we have come here to begin with. Whatever we would take with us is our 
Original Mission- it is the reason we are here. 

Next, we are invited to bring ourselves back to our dear planet with our 
Original Mission in mind. After all, that is why we are here...

Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn