Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


Sunday May 19, 2019

Dearest Mothers of Light,

Bless you ! Because you are willing to say "Yes", Light is being birthed continously!

As we move into the Awareness that where we are is where all of Love is, Spirit invites us to gather 9 of our thoughts together as if they were baby chicks needing a place to call home. Whatever thought comes up, Spirit suggests that we say "Yes" to it , gather  it to our breast, and give it loving shelter. 

We are invited to bear witness as each thought, no matter how dark or dreary we may have formally considered it to be, begins to glow with Light as we give it a Mother's unconditional Love.

Gradually, we will notice that we have become enormously full of Light - as if we were 9 months pregnant.

Each thought that we have nursed and cared for is now ready to be born. We are aware that Powerful Wings of Love are opening for us, ready to gather us in. All we need to do is say "Yes." , so that we are nurtured with the same intensity that we have nurtured.

And as we allow ourselves to be gathered in, Spirit invites us to notice: Light is being born! From us ! Watch as it goes forth to birth more Light! 

As the brilliant mystic Meister Eckhart has said:"We are all meant to be mothers of God...for God is always needing to be born."


Bless you, Mothers of Light . Let it be done to you...


Much Love,


Rev. Carolyn 



Sunday April 28, 2019

Dearest Souls,

Bless you! After the dust has settled, You Are what remains. And because You Are, the world spins forward into Faith, Hope, and Love. 

As we move into the Sacred and the Silent, Spirit encourages us to to gather our focus around an event in our personal lives in which a kind of bomb went off, sending our energies into fear and chaos. The bomb might have appeared as the betrayal of a love partner, the death of a close friend or family member, or the sudden loss of a job. Perhaps the bomb was a medical diagnosis; a tree that fell on our property , or even the unexpected cruel word that caught us off guard. Whatever bomb our hearts bring before us to examine will do perfectly. 

We are invited to imagine that we are walking deliberately toward the energy where the bomb went off. And, with enormous courage, allow ourselves to be blown apart.

Spirit reassures us that there are three things that will remain after the bomb has blown us apart. And these three are : Faith, Hope , and Love. We are invited to remember what happened to us after the explosion appeared to defeat us. What was it that kept us going when it appeared that all was lost? Why are we still here today, putting one foot in front of the other, continuing on our journey? 

Spirit invites us to see that it was our own Faith, Hope , and Love that motivated us to stay with our journey. We are here because Faith, Hope , and Love remained. We are here because we are Faith, Hope, and Love. 

And yes, the greatest of these is Love.

Many Thanks, Dear Souls. What remains for you is what remains for us all.

Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Sent with Love to the victims of the bombings in Sri Lanka

Sunday April 21, 2019


Dear Souls,

Alleluia! You have walked out of the tomb of restriction into the wide expanse of the Limitless . And because you have, the whole world rises up in Love!

As we move into the Silence of our Being, Spirit invites us to imagine that we have agreed to be confined in a tiny box , in an itty-bitty room, in a wee house, in a miniature country, on a Lilliputian planet. We are invited to notice that in this small way of being, there can be no room for anyone else.  

Sitting - or lying- within our limited space , Spirit asks us a question : "Is this really what you want ?"  We may well reply, "Well , no, but this is what we agreed to." 

Spirit asks us another question : "Would you like to make another agreement?" 

We are then invited to make another agreement. As we do, the layers of limitation will begin to dissolve . We are invited to keep making new agreements until all of the layers of limitation have disappeared completely, and what was once "small" is now "All". 

Spirit invites us to notice, as the "All" we are, that there is now plenty of room for everyone else. 

And behold- because your Expanded and Unlimited Being has made room , the "Everyone Else's" of the world are making their own new agreements.

And what was a tomb- is nothing but Room. 

Room... for Love.

And all because you made new agreements.

Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Happy Passover, Happy Easter, Happy Spring, Happy Life!


Sunday April 14, 2019


Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the courage that makes kings and queens out of slaves and the flag on a mast to wave!
As we move into the Deep and the Sacred, Spirit invites us to recall a time in our lives during which we may have been frightened, but we kept going, nonetheless. We may recall a time when it appeared we had no earthly support, but Something Within Us urged us to keep putting one foot in front of the other, no matter how bereft and hopeless we might have felt.
And then, Spirit invites us to think: " I am what makes the elephant charge his tusk in the misty mist or the dusky dusk."
We are next invited to consider a situation in our lives right now in which we may feel cause for concern. And we are invited to think: " I am what makes the muskrat guard his musk. I am what makes the Sphinx the 7th wonder. I am what makes the dawn come up like thunder."
And now, let's all join hands energetically and bring our focus to our beloved planet. Spirit invites us to view the images of the world that frighten us the most, and to look at them straight on, thinking, with no disrespect to Hottentots, apes, or apricots, : "We are what makes the makes the Hottentot so hot. We are what puts the ape in ape-ricot. We have everything that they have got. We are courage."
Where do our feet want to go, now that we have remembered our True Nature? What is our Emerald City?
Spirit assures us that we are the Ones with the courage to get us there, one step at a time.
Bless you, Brave Lions. No matter how frightened you may feel, it is your willingness to keep going that keeps us all going. And Emerald City is prettier and closer than ever!

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday Mar. 31, 2019

Dear Beloved Souls,

Bless you ! You are the Unknowing, and the world you create is constantly spinning forward !

As we move into the Place within where we remember What We Are, Spirit invites us to think of words that have been said to us or by us that have opened up new possibilities and ways of seeing things. These words will most likely sound like questions, and will resonate with  Sacred Unknowing. We are invited to revisit these Holy Gateways once again and walk through them , allowing the words to arch over us, under us ,around us , and through us, while we delight in their Mystery. 

Next, we are invited to contemplate a word or words that we have said or others have said to us that closed the door of our curiosity . These words will most likely sound like answers , and will  resonate with an absolute certainty as to the nature of things. As we gather these words , we are again invited to walk through them , and as we do, to ask ourselves if we really know what those words mean. For instance, does "never" really mean "never"? 

Spirit invites us to ask The Universe what the words that have closed our doors of curiosity really mean. What does the Universe have to say? 

Spirit invites us to notice that in order to hear The Universe's definition of a word, we will need to let go of what we think a word means. Can we tolerate this kind of unknowing? 

Spirit says, "Yes." All it takes is one tiny step of not knowing . Just one breath of the mystery will do. One toe in the water of the deep . That is all that is needed. 

Spirit assures us that if we will just put one little toe in the question of the deep, we will have already shifted our awareness around what we think we know and what we know we do not know. 

And in the not knowing, all we will know is the question that Love is asking. And that question is what makes the world spin forward.

Bless you , dear Souls ! You have done it again ! Your Unknowing is what moves the world closer to knowing only Love . 

What would we do without you?

Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Sunday Mar. 24, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you ! You are the ones who walk through , and because you do , we can all get through .
As we move into the Home of our Being where the past, present , and future are One, Spirit invites us to recall a time in our lives when we were given the opportunity to walk through something extraordinarily beautiful. We may be brought back to the death bed of a loved one as they passed peacefully into the arms of Spirit. We may find ourselves in the birthing room of a precious child. We might look down at our feet and be brought back to a mountain path , every inch of which was luminously engaging. Whatever our Hearts bring to mind will be perfect.
Whatever walk through we find ourselves in remembrance of, Spirit invites us to notice how willing we were to stay present while we walked, treasuring each moment as if they were all precious jewels.
Next, we are invited to recall a time in our lives when we were given the opportunity to walk through something extraordinarily painful. As we look back at whatever painful journey we walked through, Spirit invites us to notice that the moments in which we were most present to the pain are the very moments that have brought us the Truth of who we are now.
Many of you have already intuited the next step ...
We are invited to look at the journey we are walking through right now, some of which is quite painful , and some of which is amazingly beautiful . Knowing what we know now , is there any part of our walk through we would rather not engage in?
If so, Spirit invites us to bravely focus on what we would rather not walk through and boldly decide that through is better than above, under, or sideways . And as we walk through , the doorway of our understanding will widen so far as to create a passageway for everyone around us.
Bless you , dear Souls ! Your walk through is what gets all of us through!
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn