Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


July 7, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the Bombs of Peace, bursting in air!
As we move into the Silent and the True, Spirit invites us to recall a time in which we felt threatened by something or someone. Perhaps we were threatened by a disease, or a supervisor at work. Maybe it was an oncoming car that threatened us, or it might have been a political ideology that caused us to feel unsafe. We might remember someone that bullied us in school, or perhaps we were bullied by a lover, a spouse or a parent. Whatever threat comes to mind will be perfect for our work today. 
Spirit invites us to imagine that we are preparing ourselves to meet this threat once again by building a bomb. But not just any kind of bomb. The bomb that we are making is a Peace Bomb. 
Spirit has placed before us all of the materials we need to make our Peace Bomb.  First, we are asked to connect the wires of Forgiveness to the battery of Love. Next, we are asked to place the components of Forgiveness and Love into casement of our hearts, tucking them in securely. Once the Peace Bomb is loaded into our hearts, Spirit invites us to check to see where the switch of our Peace Bomb is located. It's marked with the letter "C" for Compassion. Do you see it? 
Spirit invites us to switch on the Compassion. 
Next, Spirit invites us to notice the spark that has ignited in our Peace Bomb. We are ready to roll. We are invited to join hands energetically and move out into the energies of the world to serve as Peace Bombers. First, let's drop a Peace Bomb on those energies that have threatened us personally.
As the Bombs peacefully explode,Spirit promises that we will see these old threatening energies in a new Light . No longer threatening, they have all of the softness and vulnerability of a puppy or a newborn baby, and there is nothing left to do but to pick them up and embrace them.
Next, with our hands still joined energetically, we are invited to fly over the country of Iran, where we will be met by millions of other Peace Bombers, all intent on the same mission. As One, we will drop our Peace Bombs on Iran, and the Light from the bombs bursting in air will enable us to see our Iranian brothers and sisters clearly.
No longer threatening, they too possess the softness and vulnerability of a puppy or a newborn baby.
And there is nothing left to do but to pick them up in our arms and embrace them.
Bless you, Peace Bombers ! Let the Bombs of Peace burst so brightly that the entire world is now soft and vulnerable.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

June 30, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the open door, and because you are, everyone has a home. 
As we move into the Silent Truth of our Being, Spirit invites us to remember a time when we felt caged in . It may have been a relationship, a job, or a neighborhood that enabled us to feel as though we were trapped and had no where to go. Perhaps it was a specific conversation in which we felt caged in. Perhaps it was a belief system that brought a sense of the walls closing in on us , or perhaps it was an addiction. What ever our True Heart brings up as an image of our own experience of the cage will do perfectly. 
Once we have located our own experience of being caged , we are invited to remember or notice all of the ways and means that the energy of One-ness helped to free us from the cage. The kind word of a passing stranger. The hummingbird that suddenly flew before our eyes. The close friend or relative that came to see us. The energy of One-ness came to meet us in some way , and when It did, we were able to open our cage door and come home. 
Next, we are asked to hold hands energetically with one another and move our energies down to the border between the United States and Mexico, where there are many who are sitting in actual cages. Spirit assures us that when we see them, we will know that "They" are "Us" , and a powerful sense of One-ness will throw open the doors of our our caged hearts , enabling us to step right into the cages where we are trapped and bring all of these versions of ourselves Home. And when we do, all of these cages - the physical ones made out of chicken wire, and the energetic ones made out of fear, will dissolve. 
Bless you, dear Souls. It is your Truth of One-ness that sets us all free.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn 

June 23, 2019

Dear Souls,

Bless you!  You are the Dream of Peace...

As we move into the Silence where True Remembrance abides, Spirit invites us to to imagine an Infant Child of the Universe, a Infant Child so Vast and Eternal that It cannot possible be measured. This Infant Child is sleeping deeply in a hammock made of stars, planets, moons, solar systems, and galaxies. As the Infant Child sleeps, Spirit invites us to come close, so close that we can get into the hammock with the Child and nestle in with a lock of hair, a finger, a toe, or the side of the Babe's cheek. 

And now we are sleeping with this Infant Child, and as we sleep, we find we are being pulled into the Infant Child's dreams. The Child is dreaming Us into Deep Peace. This dream includes all of Us; the Us that we know and the Us we have never met. The Us that we love and the Us that we despise and fear, the Us that we are ready to embrace and the Us that we are ready to deny. 

The Child dreams of all of Us that ever were or ever will be. And in this dream, the all of Us are in Perfect Peace. 

As we dream along with the Infant Child, Spirit invites us to ask the Child a question: "What is Your dream for me?" 

And then we are invited to listen.

Next, we are invited to gradually awaken from the dream, and as we do so, to realize the many ways in which we have already brought the Child's dream to life. 

We are the dream of Peace. And the dream is Real.

Bless you, fellow dreamers! The Infant Child will grow into adulthood before your eyes, and all because you agreed to bring yourself into Its dreams.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

June 16, 2019

Dearest Souls,

Bless you! You are the Fathers who welcome Peace home.

As we move into the Silent Truth of our Being, Spirit invites us to consider something or someone that we thought we had lost, only to find it again.

We are invited to remember our intense joy when what was lost became found, and how firmly in the present we were. There was no blaming or shaming, just the thrilling and abundant joy that comes when Love returns to Love. This is how a father welcomes home a prodigal son, and this is how we can welcome Peace home, as well.

Spirit therefore invites us to imagine that a child of ours called "Peace" has gone off to a far country. It has been a long time since we have seen our child. We may even be told that our child has died, but something deep in our hearts tells us that this just isn't so.

And so, as Fathers of Peace, we watch steadfastly, knowing that at any moment, our child may come home.

And then, from a great distance, we see our child walking slowly towards us. Wild Joy cracks apart the fibers of our being! We run with all our might to meet our child, and when we do, we hold our child in a tight Father's embrace, crying, "Peace was lost and now is found!"

And Peace astounds us by saying, " I had to come home. I can't do anything without you."

Fathers who welcome Peace home, thank you. You are the reminder that Peace can't do anything without us.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn 

Dedicated to the Heavenly Father in all of us. Happy Father's Day!

June 9, 2019

Dearest Souls,

Bless you! You are the Loving Invitation, and because you are, the entire Universe dances with Itself!

As we move into the Real and the Deep, Spirit invites us to invite the Man that we are and the Woman that we are to come into our devotional focus. 

We are invited to wait and watch as these energies of Love come into the room of our Being. How do these two present themselves? What are their faces like? How do they face us? 

After we have spent some loving face time with the Man and the Woman, Spirit invites us to hear the waltz that is softly playing. The rhythm is oh- so familiar:  1,2,3... 1,2.3...1,2,3....

As the Woman and the Man begin to dance, we will notice that a third party has been invited to come to the dance floor and is now dancing with them. 1,2,3....1,2,3...1,2,3...

This third party has the face of someone we have known for a long, long time. We have seen this face in every mirror, in every picture, in every newspaper article, and in every movie and television show. This face has laid next to us in bed as a lover and sat next to us in the subway as a stranger. We have seen this face at our dinner tables, in our workplaces, though the windows of our automobiles and our computer screens. It is the Face of God, now revealed to us as the combination of everything we Are. 

The Face is male, female, gay, straight, bisexual and trans. The Face is every skin color you could imagine. And this is the Face that appears when we invite our two faces to dance with each other. 


Spirit invites us to notice that as we dance with our male, female, and Other, that the entire Universe is dancing with us.

And God...is facing God.

Thank you, dear Souls. Because you have invited the Face of God, the Face of God is dancing with you.

Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

Dedicated with Pride to the entire LGBTQ community. You are the Face of God.

June 2, 2019

Dearest Souls,  
Bless you. You are the ones who are willing to come down to the River and pray. 
Let's go down to the River and pray. 
As we move into the Deep and the Quiet, Spirit invites us to feel ourselves drawn to a River of Peace. Although we don't always make use of it , this River is always present within us. We need this River today. Let's go down to the River and pray.
As we make our way down to the River to pray, Spirit invites us to consider all of the ways in which we may think of ourselves as less than , unworthy, or unclean. What is it that we are aching to have washed from our being? 
As we come down to the River to pray, we will see someone that we have thought has done us wrong coming toward us. At some point in our lives, we have thought of ourselves as this person's victim. And now, here they are. 
The words come up from the depth of our being : "Wash me." And as our former enemy washes us, we become aware that they , too, are being washed , washed clean from all of our judgements . And now we both are clean. 
Next, we are invited to Virginia Beach, where we will join those who are in mourning over the latest senseless mass shooting. If we will let ourselves cry from the depth of our True Hearts, Spirit promises that our tears will be gathered by flights of angels who will use them to create a River of Peace . Let's go down to that River and pray.
Do not be afraid. The suspect in the shooting is walking toward us. And even though we may very well want to run away in fear or run towards in anger, we know what we need to do. 
And so, we stand in deep stillness and hold out our hands. "Wash us." Don't be afraid.This is the way of Peace. As he washes us, we can see- he is also being washed. 
You are the ones who have been willing to come down to the River and pray, dear Souls. In the world, there is tribulation, but be not afraid, in your willingness to be washed, you have overcome the world. 
Bless you.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

Dedicated to all those in Virginia Beach whose lives were lost. Heaven rest them now.

Sunday May 19, 2019

Dearest Mothers of Light,

Bless you ! Because you are willing to say "Yes", Light is being birthed continously!

As we move into the Awareness that where we are is where all of Love is, Spirit invites us to gather 9 of our thoughts together as if they were baby chicks needing a place to call home. Whatever thought comes up, Spirit suggests that we say "Yes" to it , gather  it to our breast, and give it loving shelter. 

We are invited to bear witness as each thought, no matter how dark or dreary we may have formally considered it to be, begins to glow with Light as we give it a Mother's unconditional Love.

Gradually, we will notice that we have become enormously full of Light - as if we were 9 months pregnant.

Each thought that we have nursed and cared for is now ready to be born. We are aware that Powerful Wings of Love are opening for us, ready to gather us in. All we need to do is say "Yes." , so that we are nurtured with the same intensity that we have nurtured.

And as we allow ourselves to be gathered in, Spirit invites us to notice: Light is being born! From us ! Watch as it goes forth to birth more Light! 

As the brilliant mystic Meister Eckhart has said:"We are all meant to be mothers of God...for God is always needing to be born."


Bless you, Mothers of Light . Let it be done to you...


Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn