Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


Sunday April 29, 2018

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the Decision the world is waiting for.

As we move into the Silent Peace that we Are, Spirit invites us to 
consider a decision before us. It can be as small as a decision over 
what kind of ice cream to buy or as large as what kind of person to marry.
Whatever decision our hearts bring us will be perfect. 

When we are securely lodged with the decision before us, Spirit 
invites us to choose between the possibilities before us as if they were 
"door number one" and "door number two". Pick door number one,
and walk through it.

We are now in the 4th dimension, or what some might call the Quantum
Field, or some might call the kingdom of heaven. The door we have chosen 
to walk through has opened to a field of Unlimited Possibility. Anything 
can happen here, because in this dimension, everything is Always Possible.

We are now invited to travel back to the 3rd dimensional world, but 
this time Spirit suggests that we walk back through the other possibility,
door number two. As we walk back through door number two, we are invited to 
pause and look back through the door frame at the field of Unlimited Possibility.
It is the same Unlimited Possibility that we saw through door number one.

And now, Spirit invites us back to the event of the decision that we are 
making . Will it be vanilla or chocolate? Harry or Sue? Meat or vegetarian?
Stay or go? Guilty or not guilty? Whatever the decision is , we are invited 
to look through the doorways that this decision presents and to see Unlimited 
Possibility beyond both door number one and door number two.

Finally, Spirit invites to make a different kind of decision. Rather than choosing 
either door number one or door number two, Spirit invites us to choose All 
Possibility and bring that All Possibility home to our hearts.

And now...let's make our decision.  Spirit suggests that we will 
be amazed by the freedom we now feel, knowing that every decision 
we make is the doorway to Unlimited Possibility. 

Thank you, dear friends. You truly ARE the decision the world is waiting for.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday April 22, 2018

Dearest Souls,

Bless you! You are the Divine Order the world is looking for.

As we move ourselves into the Deepest and the True, Spirit invites us to
consider a room within our being that is chaotic and messy. This could look
like an actual room in your home or office. It might look like the inside of your
car. It might occur to you that your room looks like a messy relationship or
career. Or, the room may look like an external political situation or anything
on the world stage. 

Spirit invites us to bring our focus to the room in a different way,
shifting the vision so that it blurs slightly into shapes of moving light.

As we do so, we notice that we are beginning to see Artistic
Expression of some sort. What was chaotic is appearing to have
an Integrity of its own. It is a Work of Art, and it is emerging.

As this magnificent work of art becomes clearer and clearer, Spirit
invites us to move ourselves inside the canvas until we are clear
that we are Ourselves the Work of Art.

As the Works of Art We Are, we are now invited to bring our Awareness
up above our dear planet. Below us we will see what appears to be the swirling
images of chaos, but we know what to do, and as we allow the Artistic Expression
of Divine Order to come forth, we are dazzled and enlightened by what we see.
And so, as it happens, is everyone else on our dear planet. 

Thank you, Dear Souls. Your willingness to see Divine Order where Chaos appears to
be is the New Canvas the world longs to be.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn


Sunday April 15, 2018

Dear Souls,

Bless you ! You are the Harmony the world is responding to! 
As we move into the Deep and the Sacred, Spirit invites us to listen 
attentively. There is a Sound within us. It is old and always familiar. 
It leads us beside still water and makes us lie down in green pastures.
It restores our souls. 
It is the Sound that brought us into Being and it the Sound that
calls us forward . Some may hear the sound as "Om". Some may hear
"Hu". Some may may hear Mozart, and some may hear David Bowie. 
Whatever Restorative Sound you hear will be perfect. 
When we are floating on the Sound that Restores, Spirit invites us 
to share our Sound with whatever inanimate object happens to be next to us at the time. 
Desk, chair, tree, kitchen sink- whatever is next to us will do. 
Next, we are invited to notice that the inanimate object is resonating 
with our Sound in perfect harmony. The Om is in the chair. The Hu is in 
the laptop. Mozart is playing from the tree. David Bowie is singing from
the kitchen sink. 
And now, we are invited to bring our Sound with us to Syria,
where we will be met by many millions of other souls . We are
invited to notice that our Sound is resonating with the very 
ground , and that it is leading the country to still water. We will 
then bear witness as this same Sound is resonating now with 
the entire planet , and that we are One World, resonating with 
a Sound that makes us lie down in a green pasture. 
Our cups overflow because you, dear Souls, are overflowing
with the Sound that restores our souls.
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn


Sunday April 1, 2018

Dearest Resurrected Ones,
Bless you! Your ability to bring life where life appears not to be
is the new morning the world has been seeking!

As we move into the inner chamber of Being, Spirit invites us
to consider an aspect of ourselves that we have sealed away
in a tomb. Perhaps we have buried our artistry. Or maybe we have
put our parenting away. We might have decided that we are no longer
valuable as a loving partner to someone.Or perhaps we have locked
our physical body in stone.
We are then invited to move the stone in front of the tomb and crawl
within it. What we find inside delights us : a soft fertile nest with a gentle
golden light soothing us into the deepest rest we have ever experienced.
The tomb has become a womb. And we are now nestled safely and
lovingly in its tender , loving care.

Curled like a spiral , we are able to see into every curve of our Being, and
we can now see how very fertile we are and have always been. Something
within us is creating new life from what we previously thought had been long

What was dead is now alive, and we know it is time to leave the
womb that was a tomb and be new in the garden of the world.
And so we move out and up ! We are transformed!

Thank you, dear Souls. You are the New Life , and the heavens rejoice
that You are Risen today !
Much Love,
Rev. Carolyn

Sunday March 18, 2018

Dearest Souls,

Bless you ! You are Beauty the world is seeking!

As we move into the Loving and the Deep, Spirit invites us to consider

an event or situation in our lives that has felt senseless and chaotic.


When we have recalled the senseless chaos to mind, Spirit invites us
to see ourselves sitting right in the middle of it in perfect stillness.
Next , we are invited to move a deeper inside the chaos , bringing
our perfect stillness with us . We will know we have arrived at the
right depth when we start seeing patterns of beauty within the
When we are saturated with patterns of beauty in the depth of chaos,
Spirit invites us to imagine that we are wearing these patterns of great
beauty .

And now it is time to join hands energetically and walk into the image of

senseless chaos together, dressed in our Perfect Beauty. As we walk , we will
bear witness to great Beauty emerging from chaos.

Bless you, dear Souls! Your willingness to go quietly amidst the noise and

haste Beautifies the world ...

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn




Sunday March 11, 2018

Dearest Souls,

Bless you ! Your tiny acts of kindness melt the snow and bring a blossoming Spring 
to a waiting world.

As we move open our consciousness to the Vast Love that We Are , Spirit invites us to 
think of a small act of kindness that we have received from a stranger. Perhaps someone
let us go in front of her in line at the grocery store. Or perhaps another stranger opened a door 
for us, smiling as he did so. Whatever small act of kindness our True Hearts bring to mind
will be perfect. 

Once we have settled into remembering the small act of kindness , Spirit invites
us to imagine ourselves repeating the very same act to ten strangers. 

Next, we are invited to notice these ten strangers repeating the very same act
to ten other new strangers.

And these same twenty strangers now go out and repeat the same act ...

We know what happens next. 40 becomes 80, 80 becomes 160, 160 becomes 
320, 320 becomes 640 , 640 becomes 1280, 1280 becomes 2560, 2560 becomes
5120, 5120 becomes 10,240, 10,240 becomes 20,480 , 20,480 becomes 40,960,
40,960 becomes 81,920, 81,920 becomes 163,940.00, 163,940 becomes 327,880.00,
and so on, and so on, until we are over 1 million acts of kindness strong.

And although we may not be able to conceive of it on the mental plane,
our hearts understand that the blossoming continues, one small act of kindness
to the next, ad infinitum, until the entire world looks as though Spring is here 
to stay. 

And all because you took the time to repeat a small act of kindness , ten times over.

You really ARE the Saviors of the world. Aren't you? 

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn

Sunday March 4, 2018

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the One World the many are longing for.

As we move into the Silent Truth of our Eternal Nature, Spirit invites us to consider 
if there are any tribes we may believe we belong to. These might show as political 
tribes, religious tribes , artistic tribes , racial tribes, or gender tribes. Whatever tribe 
comes to mind will be perfect. 

When we have found the tribe we believe we belong to, Spirit invites us to gather the energy of our 
tribe into what looks like one collective face , representing our tribe . We are then invited to put the 
energy of this collective face onto our own faces, like a mask. 

Next, we are invited to a small room where all of the other tribes have come, each tribe 
with its own mask up to its face. Our task is to see beyond the masks so that we may 
know who we are sharing this small room with. To do this, we will need to find at least 
one tribe that we are unfamiliar with or frightened by to partner with. 

When we have found our willing partner , Spirit asks us to face our masked friend 
and say with our feeling mind: " Child of Light, set me free." We will hear our partner make 
the same request to us: "And you, Child of Light, set me free as well." We are then invited 
to experience the shared Light that occurs when our masks come off. 

What was once a crowded and small room has now become an enormous, vast sphere of 
Light in which One Child is growing perfectly . And you, daring souls, are that Child's Parents.

Thank you, dear Souls. Your willingness to drop the tribal mask is the Precious 
Child of Peace we are all created to be.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn


Sunday February 25, 2018

Dear Souls,

Bless you! You are the Creators of Beauty, and your vision Beautifies the world.

As we wrap ourselves into the Endless Fabric of our True Nature,
Spirit invites us to bear witness to a place , a person, or a circumstance
that we have previously judged to be ugly. 

When we have located the ugly place, circumstance, or person,
Spirit invites us to bring ourselves far down and in to the image,
and farther still, farther , until we are so far in that we are at the 
atomic level. 

Spirit invites us to keep going , travelling inside the atom until we are 
at the quantum level.

Spirit invites us to stand within the quantum level and imagine that 
we are looking through it at the "ugly" scene we began with.  As 
we look, we will be able to see the Beauty that was there all along.

Spirit invites us to allow our consciousness to drift slowly back from 
the quantum world to our habitual level of awareness, and once we have 
returned, to bring our focus back to the "ugly". Now that we have seen Beauty
where Beauty appeared not to be, what does the world look like?

Bless you, Dear Creators. This beautiful shift in consciousness creates Beauty.

Much Love,

Rev. Carolyn