Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn

"Many Hands Make Light Work"

Weekly Meditation by Rev. Carolyn Swift Jones


November 10, 2019

Dear Beloved Souls,
Loving greetings! You are the acorn and the oak tree and because you Are, there is always hope.
As we move into the Secret Place of the Most Deep, Spirit invites us to see before us a tiny acorn, lovingly placed in fertile ground. 
If we look closely, we will see an even tinier door on the side of the acorn. And if we continue to gaze upon that little door, it will easily swing open. As it swings open, we will find that we have become the size of the acorn and can easily walk inside it. 
Spirit invites us to look around inside our acorn. Do we like what we see? Is it gratifying to be inside our acorn, or does it make us uncomfortable? Are there things we would like to see inside our acorn? 
Spirit is listening and watching intently as we contemplate the inside of our acorn, and like a brilliant Interior Designer, is ready to accommodate any vision we may have. There is only one caveat - what we imagine should make us feel peaceful. 
As we imagine what it is about the inside of our acorn that makes us feel peaceful, Spirit invites us to bear witness as the walls of our acorn gradually begin to dissolve. Roots of deep peace are anchoring themselves in sacred ground. And above, a tiny tree begins to appear. We are that tree. We are growing into Great and Mighty Peace. Watch as our branches reach out and touch all the other branches of the forest. 
Spirit asks if we would like to see this amazing growth continue. If we say "yes", then we will become aware of a sweet sensation in our outer branches. More acorns are being produced, so many that we can't even begin to count them. We don't need to count them - we don't even need to understand them. All we need to do is release them, knowing that they are designed to fall on fertile ground.
And the evolution of Peace will continue.
Huge gratitude to you, dear Souls ! Because of your willingness, the forestation of Peace is at hand.
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

November 3, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the ones who plant Peace, and because of this, a Great Tree is growing before our very eyes.
As we gather within where the Deep Well of Peace abides, Spirit invites us to imagine that we can dive all the way down our Well, many fathoms down, to the very bottom. Once we have reached that soft and fertile place at the bottom, Spirit invites us to examine closely all the many varied gems and seeds that are there. Each of us will see different potentials down in the depths. Some will see pearls, some diamonds. Some will see acorns and some will see seeds. Some will see tiny points of light. Whatever we see, Spirit promises that it will appear to us as familiar and resonant with the totality of who and what we Are. 
Once we have spent time with the potentials at the very bottom of our Well, Spirit invites us to consider which of these gems, seeds, or points of light - if retrieved from the depths and planted in our waking consciousness -  would bring the most Peace to us and to our world. 
Dear Souls, Spirit now calls us to gather our seeds, our gems, our acorns, our points of Light, and swim back up to the top of our Well, where the water meets the air. If we swim over to the edge of the Well, we will see beautiful and oh-so-fertile ground. We are invited to plant our potentials for Peace there. 
Once our potentials are planted, Spirit has a question for each of us: "What will you do to nourish your seed of Peace?" 
The amazing thing is - just hearing the question is enough to cause our Peace Trees to begin to grow.
And for your willingness to travel, to gather, to bring forward, and to hear the question - Spirit is grateful. 
Bless you, dear planters of Peace! There is a Tree growing on our planet, and you are It's branches.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

October 27, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are Spiritual Mathematicians, and you are able to prove that everything is always possible.
As we move into the Silent and the Sacred Space that is our Truth, Spirit invites us to gather into our consciousness a problem or a challenge that has been bothering us. This problem could be as huge as climate change or the apparent division in our country. Or it could be as small as a stubborn hangnail that grabs our focus away from what we love.
When we have gathered forward the problem or the challenge that appears to be stuck and immovable, Spirit invites us to imagine that we can place the situation or energy inside a fixed frame. 
We are encouraged to make the frame as ornate and solid as our imaginations are called to do. Once we have placed the person, issue, or disturbance inside the frame, Spirit invites us to take a step back and view our masterpiece. 
We may notice that there is something missing - the view beyond the frame. Surely there must be something outside the frame. Spirit encourages us to take another large step back so that we can see the Field of Unlimited Potential that is beyond the frame, and to keep our gaze fixed there. 
If we keep our gaze beyond the frame, all sorts of Unlimited and Divine Ideas will begin to permeate our consciousness, and what was once stuck inside a frame of impossibility will soar beyond into the always possible. We have stepped into the 4th dimension to solve a problem in the 3rd dimension. We are Spiritual Mathematicians, proving all kinds of theories to be absolutely possible!
There is one more thing to do. Lifting our eyes up and through and into and beyond the frame of the impossible into the always possible, we are invited to make a mighty shout of thanks. We can do this without making a physical sound and using only our spiritual vocal cords - or we can use our physical vocal cords. However we chose to make this mighty shout of thanks, Spirit has a request: let it be really LOUD.
Bless you, Spiritual Mathematicians! Your vision of the Infinite and your thanks for what is always possible proves what we once thought was impossible!
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

October 20, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the Brave New Lovers, and because you are, the whole world is embracing the Infinite Possibility of Love.
As we close our eyes and move into the security of our Inner Being, Spirit invites us to imagine that we are blanketed in a thick, warm fabric that protects us from the slings and arrows of the outer world. In addition to this protective blanket, we are surrounded by thick walls of whatever material suits us. Here we are, tucked in to our safe spaces, where nothing can harm us.
Spirit invites us to feel this sense of security as a kind of deep and drowsy sleep, lulling and mesmerizing us into believing that the outer world no longer exists. 
Next, Spirit invites us to feel the pressure of someones hand upon our shoulder. Someone is trying to wake us up. We slowly open our eyes. At first, it is a bit of a shock as we recognize the energy as someone who once hurt us deeply. We may very well want to close our eyes and go back to sleep. But Spirit urges us to stay awake. 
As we stay present, we will begin to notice that this person or this energy is shivering from cold. It may feel like a big ask, but Spirit promises that if we release all of our old judgments, it will make perfect sense to open our blanket and share it. And as we do, Spirit invites us to notice that the walls of our safe place are slowly melting away, revealing a breathtaking vista of astounding, light-filled topography, so tantalizingly beautiful that we simply cannot resist walking forward into it. Our hearts swell with gratitude as we bear witness to the wide awake Love that creates true safety, not just for us, but for the world as well.
Thank you, dear Souls! We are now Brave New Lovers, and our journey out of sleep has makes the whole world safe. Let's stay awake and watch Love be the Infinite Possibility it was born to be!
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

October 13, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are willing to show us the truth of your Being, and because you are, the world is able to let go of the lie.
As we move into the Deep and Always; the Sacred and the Real, Spirit invites us to consider a lie that we have told ourselves. Perhaps we have told ourselves that we are not enough; that in and of ourselves, we are somehow deficient and lacking. Perhaps we have told ourselves that we are not to be trusted. Perhaps we have told ourselves that we are incapable of forgiving. Perhaps we have told ourselves that we don't deserve to live an abundant life. Perhaps we have told ourselves that our lives don't matter. Whatever lie we have told ourselves will do.
When we have located the lie that we have told ourselves, Spirit invites us to see it as a stone that can be rolled away. We may hear voices around us telling us not to do so, as what is behind the stone may make us very uncomfortable. But Spirit assures us that if we listen to Love, we will have the courage we need to roll back that stone.
We will then hear a Voice within us that commands the stone to be rolled away. And after that, we will hear that same Voice call the Truth, a Truth that we have buried deep behind that stone, to come out of hiding. And as we gaze upon that resurrected Truth, we will remember what is True about ourselves. We will remember that we are enough. We remember that we are trustworthy. We will remember how to forgive. We will remember that we deserve to live an abundant life. And we will remember how very much we matter. 
Next, Spirit invites to bear witness as the Light of our Truth Lights up the world around us. Truly, our Truth opens the door for the world , and as the lie that we could ever be less than Divine melts before our eyes , we know that the world's vision changes into a Seeing that is True. And this is what calls forth a new life for us all...
Bless you, dear Souls! Your truth sets us all free!
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

October 6, 2019

Dearest Souls,
Bless you! You are the ones who know how to meet the wolf at the door with kindness, and because you are, both wolf and human have become gentle.
As we move into the Sweet Darkness where Peace Abides, Spirit invites us to call our inner, cruel wolf forward to be fed with loving kindness. This wolf will become our ally, but first there is some work to be done. This wolf can be any part of ourselves that growls at the world when threatened, or seeks to kill our sheep like innocence with sarcasm or bitter irony. Spirit suggests that we will know our cruel wolf by its mocking way. It will be the part of us that says "This is stupid."
Once we have found our cruel wolf, Spirit invites us to ask the dear creature what it needs to feel safe. Is it hungry? Is it tired? Is it wounded? What is it that is missing that is provoking the unkind behavior?
Spirit suggests that we may be surprised at what our wolf needs. Perhaps it once protected us from harm, and we never gave it the acknowledgement it deserved. We might have sent it away to be by itself, simply because we were ashamed of it. Our wolf will tell us what it needs from us in order to feel safe. 
Next, we are encouraged to call the wolf closer and feed it with tender loving kindness. We will watch as the wolf becomes softer and more yielding with every morsel. We will feel the wolf lie down and curl up in our lap. We will notice that we are breathing with our wolf, and that we are both deeply, gently, content. 
Bless you, dear Souls. This is the way to meet the wolf at the door, and because you have just done so, the sweet innocence of the world is once again at hand.
Much Love,

Reverend Carolyn

September 29, 2019

Dear Beloved Community,
Bless you! You are the Place Where Love Has Already Won, and because you are, Peace is exploding all over the place!
As we move into the Silent and the True, Spirit invites to recall the scene of a battle that we have witnessed. Perhaps we witnessed a legal battle, or an artistic battle, or a battle for someones attention. We may have seen a battle of wits, of minds, or of words. Then again, we may have been witness to our own interior battle of heart over mind. 
Whatever battle comes up: the battle for the seat on the bus or the battle to stay in our seats when we would rather run; the battle for civil rights or the battle for the right to be civil - whatever battle your Heart brings you will be perfect for the journey ahead. 
When we are in witness mode and can see the battlefield before and within us, Spirit invites us to call forth both sides of the battle in question to our heart's attention , guiding them to sit beside us in comfortable chairs which our imagination has provided.
With both sides sitting comfortably, Spirit invites us to lean in and gently ask each side to share what their greatest victory was in the battle that once was. If we listen with our softest and gentlest hearts, we may be surprised at what we hear, for both sides have won something precious.
If we listen with our most vulnerable , defenseless heart, Spirit promises that we will hear both sides declaring that their greatest victory was Love. In the battle of the between - of the "this" verses "that", after all the smoke and haze of the conflict drifted away, both sides found a pearl of great price sitting on the ground. That pearl was the remembrance that Love has no 
 side".  Love is all sides.
Finally, Spirit suggests that we thank both sides of the battle, and holding their hands close to our hearts, swear eternal allegiance to them both.
Bless you, dear Souls! You truly are the place where Love has already won. There's a pearl waiting for you on the battlefield... 
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn

September 22, 2019


Dearest Souls,

Bless you. Because you are gentle with yourself, the world is willing to hold itself as a newborn baby child. 
As we move into that Amazing Depth of our Being where we can truly see, Spirit invites us to consider the places within where we have been overly hard on ourselves. Perhaps we have judged ourselves harshly for our physical appearance.  Perhaps we are overly critical of our standing in our chosen profession. We might have said some cruel things about our ability to sustain relationships. Or we might even have whispered to ourselves that we are not "spiritual" enough.
Whatever our True Heart brings forward for us to examine will be perfect.
Once we have found ourselves focusing on the area in our Being where we have been overly harsh, Spirit invites to see that aspect of ourselves as a newborn baby child. 
So sweet. So tender. So vulnerable. Spirit assures us that we will want to hold that child closely and tuck it into the folds of our Hearts, reassuring it, making it safe and warm. Spirit promises that we will want to be gentle with that newborn baby child. 
Let's hold our new born baby children now...
Next, Spirit invites us to see the child in our arms transform before our gentle eyes into the entire world, which we are now holding in our arms. As we become aware of how tender, sweet, and vulnerable this new born baby child of a world is, we can be willing to let all of our former judgment and harsh criticism of it go. All that is required is to be as gentle with Baby World as we are with Our Baby Selves. For they surely are One and the Same. 
Bless you, gentle ones. The Baby is safe with you, and so are we.
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn 

September 15, 2019

Dearest Souls, 
Bless you! You are the ones who no longer look for blame, and hence, the world has become innocent once again. 
As we move into the Silent and the Deep, Spirit invites us to bring forward into our gentle focus an event from our past in which we blamed someone or something for our unhappiness.
Perhaps we blamed another driver, or a spouse. Perhaps we blamed a parent, or a teacher, or an employer. We might have blamed the weather, the government, or our own physical bodies. Whatever comes up into our gentle focus will be perfect.
When we have located the blamed person or thing, Spirit invites us to engage with the blamed energy as if it is a long lost puppy, kitten, or beloved child, and to hold it to our hearts as closely as we can.
Holding what we once blamed, Spirit invites us to look at the Dear One until we can see the purity of their Being and to say " I am You, and We are innocent ." 
Next, we are invited to call our future self into our gentle focus. This is the self we will be ages from now, the self that will be the result of every thought we think today. It may be that our future self will be tempted to blame us for having to reap the harvest of our thoughts, words, and deeds. Spirit invites us to notice, however, that our future self is greeting us as if we were long lost kittens, puppies, or children. And yes, we can hear our future self say, "I am You, and We are innocent." 
Bless you, dear Souls. Thank you for reminding us that we are all innocent... 
Much Love,
Reverend Carolyn