The Runes as a Personal Journey to Mastery


Saturday July 14th, 10 am - 4 pm

Presented by *Rev. Laura MacLachlan, President of United Metaphysical Churches based in Roanoke, VA.  Held at Unity in the Foothills.  Bring your own lunch.  Beverages, paper and pens provided.  To register, fill out the form below and pay $45 per person via the PayPal link.  

The Viking Runes have been used as a Divinational Tool since ancient times.  The journey begins with The Self-which is sometimes the last place we look when seeking to understand our journey on this earth plane!  It continues through a five act play of unfoldment and enlightenment as we navigate the previously uncharted waters of our life time.

Along the way we receive Signals which are triggers for the beginning of new life chapters/lessons.  We discover how using the new understanding of what is being presented to us will allow these changes to happen with much more grace and self assurance.  Included in the workshop will be the creation of your Personal Destiny Profile for this life.  It is the equivalent of your Numerology chart or your Astrological Natal chart.  We will be using Ralph Blum’s set of Runes as our jumping off point, so if you have them, bring them to class.

*Rev. Laura MacLachlan is a long time Minister, Medium and Healer with the United Metaphysical Churches based in Roanoke, VA.  She is a past Co-Chair of the UMC Seminary Education Department,  current Seminary Instructor and National Board President.  She is also Pastor and President of the First Spiritual Church of Bay City, a Michigan UMC affiliated church. Away from church work, she has been an Instructor and Trainer for hunters, jumpers, combined training and hunter seat equitation horses and riders for 48 years.  She and her husband, Roger Schlack, live on a farm in Dryden where they bred, raised and showed Percheron horses for many years, ending in 2013.

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