Book Group


2nd & 4th Wed's beginning May 7th

New readers are always welcome.  This is a great way to expand your spiritual journey with a great group of seekers.


This month’s selection is a novel by Canadian author Wm. Paul Young is about a father who has suffered a great tragedy and is invited by God to revisit the site.  What he learns transforms his life forever.  The Shack helps us answer some of life’s tough questions in an inspiring and thoughtful way.   More info at:

A fun way to continue your spiritual journey with wonderful friends and stimulating conversation.



PREVIOUS READING-Overview by Grace

"The Fourth Awakening"  -Rod Pennigton and Jeffrey Martin
"Unity Book Club's first selection was "The Fourth Awakening" by Rod Pennigton and Jeffrey A. Martin, a spiritual novel in 288 pages.
It is a suspenseful yarn that follows a Pulitzer prize-winning, investigative journalist as she returns to her career after a hiatus.  Her connections have placed her at the center of a major story as it is breaking.  Events unfold over a few tense and exciting days.
We meet interesting characters and follow their exploits through a maze of media, government, law enforcement, covert agencies and giant corporate entities.
Something really big is going on.  This story would transfer seamlessly to the big screen."